Kristin Nicole RothDavis
Southern Oklahoma... <country gal here>
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Rating: 3.1

People all around
Music's a' playin'
No one's out dancin'
One look at you and I wanna tear up the ground!

Our eyes locked
I grab you by the collar and lead the way
O' boy did you ever looked shocked!
Walkin' backwards facin' you, I snatch up a chair
I religiously sat you down right ova there!

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John Mccornack 16 May 2007

Wow! It feels like Saturday Night in Cloud Chief or am I dreaming once again.

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Lee Degnan 25 November 2006

Ha ha! ! So glad I found THIS poem... knew you were too hot momma! ! Girl, we need to go out together for some fun, we could tear a town apart! And they won't ever know what hit'em.... Love ya, chickie! ~Lee

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Kee Thampi 25 August 2006

Feet instantly touch the floor I gracefully throw my back into a seductive arch While reading this best poem, I keep it in my heart

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Ebone' Ingram 23 August 2006

i'm an okie, and my homestate has never seemed more interesting...but i'll leave that stuff to the experts =D eni da kid

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Kris, you wild &crazy Cowgirl In The Sand....This is some naughty shananagins, missy, and I can see that devil in yir Eye right c'here n' now! Fabulous fanfare of a Penning, with all the grandiose garnishings Rock On now, MISS KRIS! '''''''''''''''''''''FRANK(frankster)

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