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I sit here with true amazement
As I witness the profound arts
Of Poem Hunter's Kings and Queens
Majestic hearts spreading Love and Wisdom

You say you're missin' the Old days
Got me over here reminencin'
Mind all in a Haze
Then reality hits and I am reminded

People all around
Music's a' playin'
No one's out dancin'
One look at you and I wanna tear up the ground!

Here today and gone tomorrow
I pass through life
Touched by souls both good and bad
I pass through life

Send me the tears that you weep,
Let me hold them here in safe keep...
Let me cradle the fears
you've held all these years...

I wana gaze beyond the normal depths of your eyes,
To warp into a powerful trance; Mesmerize!

I wana be forever wrapped with your love

I'm a' frettin' on what's goin' on
Mad as hell at the whole world,
Seems like every thing's goin' all wrong,
He walks in the door, takes one glance

Promises made and secrets told
late nights spent in total Ecstasy
we made Love all night
asleep in your Tight hold

I can't find a reason to let go
Even though you seem to know
Sometimes I wake up cryin' @ night
Screamin' your name

Two Souls Uniting
I can feel you all throughout me
so deep inside me
underneath, I can feel you move through me

Told myself today was gonna be the day
No more excuses~~I knew just what to say
Battin' my eyes, I know what to play
Ah damn, I let the moment slip away

The tears flow from my eyes
As I know what you've been
through I really feel your pain
And wish there was more that I could do

Long ago in a far away land
Ruled a evil King with a strong hand
He was mean and he was cruel
Such a man should never rule.

I don’t need your hand anymore
You’ve made me strong
I am put here where I belong
You may not see the one light in me

Tonight I'm not afraid to tell
As the minutes roll by, I say; what the hell!

For those of you who spend all your time
waiting for that second chance
For that break that will make it all okay
hoping that your troubles will vanish away

Live your life full today
Follow all your dreams
Take each day as you find it
Life's not always as it seems

I feel like I'm a feather dancing in the air
My tresses flow behind me as if they have no care
I free-fall through the centuries, the aged times of old
I tremble with the breezes breath I fancy feeling bold

Instantly connected
Phantom has come to be protected
Silently I have been yellin' and screamin'
Hoping you'd come with meaning

Love comes through the eyes that see
And through the ears that hear,
For people are quite beautiful,
And words make feelings clear.

Kristin Nicole RothDavis Biography

Kristin Nicole Roth-Davis Age: 31 Female Oklahoma, USA Mother of two girls, Sarah Nicole & Sadie Ann Recently battled cancer and came close a few times; however, is doing well. Divorce and custody battle broke lose towards the middle of her struggle w/ cancer. Decisions that Kristin made during this tough time made her realize that life isn't to be gambled with. Regardless of religious preferences or political interest, Kristin is one that can debate with you how important it is to pay attention to the choices you make in life and that the fingerprints you leave in others lives should be important to all, for they are what structures the future. A warrior by heart, a dynamic spirit that could make the ground shake, and an imaginative carnal-like mind that will have you wondering where's she coming from. Mysteriously, Kristin lives a simple life that is the utmost functional, dysfunctional life representing her past choices and the struggles she still fights to over come. Pity is a lesson for Kristin that she has learn to manipulate in ways that are remarkable, yet saddens those around her. A beautiful and talented writer who invites all to get to know her through her writing. Leave no mistake that she has yet believed in herself enough to take the leap on faith and have her work published, but when she does will definitely be identified as her poetic home.)

The Best Poem Of Kristin Nicole RothDavis

*~*~*~*~*poemhunter's Kings And Queens*~*~*~*~*

I sit here with true amazement
As I witness the profound arts
Of Poem Hunter's Kings and Queens
Majestic hearts spreading Love and Wisdom
Allowing readers a pathway to escape
From their own feirce tribulations.

My own fears often followed by aligator tears
Many months of constant sorrow
Sometimes living day by day, moment for moment,
Often wondering if some will even see tomorrow.

I get weak, I get scared,
Not a moment is ever spared,
Just when all hopes are faded,
Dreams and wishes being traded
With unanswered questions, unsolved mysteries.

With a click f a button,
I sign on PoemHunter to read more inspiration,
Spirits are low, lights are dimmed,
Done reading the first poem
All o' sudden my heart fills at home!

You see, there's many Kings and Queens
Marking their territory on Poem Hunter's infamous land
Leaving footprints in the sands
Kings and their Queens leading new commers the way
With their sincere and generous hands!

I'll NEVER forget the day
I became a Poem Hunter, It was this May!
Instantly I was welcomed
On the front page they should create
A welcome page with a crochet heart
Enveloping love's fine words
For I stand here today REFUSING to
~~~~~FALL ~~~~~~APART! ! ! ~~~~~~

Kristin Nicole RothDavis Comments

Ruby Root 06 August 2006

Hi Kristin, You are one courageous women we are all praying for you to get get stronger. Excellent poetry and from your heart, take care.

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Kristin is a great poet with a great heart. Kristin I love the way how your poems say how yoju feel and they come from the heart. Great work. Hugs Rissa: -)

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Jo Carey 18 October 2006


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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 15 September 2006

Kristin Davis is is what you call a once in a lifetime gift.She is the epidomy of what Life, faith, hope &goodness is all about.This is what makes her a once in aLifetime person, as you just don't get the honor, the privledge of meeting somebody of her calibur, no less the lxury of being able to say that you are a friend of hers.She has been a continued, quality contributor to the image and literary value of PoemHunter.Her works which range from dramatic overviews of true Life experiences, to plain entertaining magical penwork(graphics included) .She is a hard-nosed competitor, who stands by her principles & covictions, as well as an Intrepid Warrior in her own personal battles, which i know she will come out the victor.I call her POETESS K., she is the sunlight of this Site, a Meritworthy Poet & Creative Artist, and a total 'CLASS ACT OF A POET & PERSON', that I am proud to call my 'Good Friend In True 'I echo patricias hail: You are the DIAMOND of PH

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Patricia Gale 22 August 2006

Any one who has the privilege to read Kristin's work is a lucky person. (So I believe that makes me lucky too) Kristin you write about real life and how it is. You withstand the test of time and still manage to make one laugh, cry and pray. I raise a glass to you my dear.... for you are a gem that shines beyond the pages of this site! You are the diamond of PH! Love and hugs! Patricia

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Diane Violet 19 August 2006

Kristin, I love reading your work, the feel of your heart beating in every word. I especially like the sound effects. EXHALE! Love and hugs, Diane

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Ebone' Ingram 09 August 2006

As stated a bazillion times before, Kristin, you are amazing. What else can I say? That about sums it up. God bless, Eni da kid.

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