Kudakwashe Roak Mutama Poems

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I Will Get Up!

Those who have it all figured out
Who appear to have everything in place
Who are blind but they don’t know it
Those who put on a smile to keep up appearances

The Clouds

The clouds were not there,
When the stars provided us with light
This is why I’m still waiting for the clouds
To reveal the light of the stars

This Valentine's

This comes to you my valentine
I am so glad that you are now mine
Though things are not yet in line
I know that together we will be fine

Waiting To Move

I cannot wait to move from this desert
I have been here for a long time now
And all the water I had is finished
But my mission is not yet accomplished

His Grace

When words fail to explain how much you are hurt
When you fall and there’s noone to help you up
When you pray and fast and nothing appear to be moving
When you put all your energy in it but still fail

Remain On Your Knees

What do you do when you are hurt?
Remain on your knees in prayer
When all hell break loose
Remain on your knees in prayer