His Grace

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When words fail to explain how much you are hurt
When you fall and there’s noone to help you up
When you pray and fast and nothing appear to be moving
When you put all your energy in it but still fail
When the passion is still inside you
When disappointment takes the last breathe you have
When passion is no longer enough to boost your energy
When you have solutions and noone is really interested
When failure takes all the life out of your dream
And your mind is no longer strong enough to fight back
When the pieces of the puzzle are not enough
When it’s beyond intelligence and hard work
When your heart becomes too heavy to carry
The Most High will be there watching
And none of it disqualifies Him from being God
Remember you will pull through because His Grace is sufficient
And all you need to do is just ask for His Grace

Cindy Magaya 28 November 2012

sure his grace is more than sufficient.

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Pranab K Chakraborty 29 June 2010

If last two lines are not attached with this writing, yet we could feel the 'Most High'. It is sufficient perhaps. And the poem could stand for reader of all field. A good writing thus become universal.But like a preacher (not as a poet) you have put last two lines. Then your 'most high' metaphor is unnecessarily applied with your writing! But as a poem-writer I get stop to read after that to imagine the height of the poet. God writing always carry such interaction. Thank you poet. Write more....more....... Regards, 10+ Apoet Bangla

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Florence Badejo 26 June 2010

i honestly think this is a great poem. these words seem to be a true belief, good job. keep writing

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ellie carpenter 22 June 2010

another great poem i loved it alot keep writing love ya xoxoxo ellie

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His grace is more than sufficent... Grace covers a multitude, , An inspired write. I loved it! ; D

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