Waiting To Move

Rating: 4.8

I cannot wait to move from this desert
I have been here for a long time now
And all the water I had is finished
But my mission is not yet accomplished
Because I have not yet reached
The tropical rain forest, which is my destiny
There, I know everything is green

Though I’m still living in the desert
I am not going to let the desert live in me
I’m going to fight just like they told me
This is where I come from not where I belong
I’m now used to living without water
But it’s not going to last any longer
Because I’m not letting the desert rule my destiny

The exhaustion I have tells me that I’m getting closer
And I can’t wait to put my feet in water
Though the soil I’m running on is hot
I don’t want to be like a scapegoat
That lives alone in the desert, struggling
So I’m not going to stop running
Because living in the desert is not my destiny


A vivid write. Loved the imagery you portrayed through your pen. Could feel the soul of the poem! ; D

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Krishnarasa Seshadri 25 June 2010

Thats right! You make your destiny! Flows with determination! :)

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Pranab K Chakraborty 24 June 2010

Though I’m still living in the desert / I am not going to let the desert live in me POET, you have got thousand votes from me and by my heart I vote you so much A total poem you have written with a discipline of thought to penetrate the readers heart directly. Please poet, you should be a bit active to invite the other poet-readers to your page, its another type of cultivating human soul towards a right direction of humanity. Splendid, never allow desert to live within your soul. Run long....long....write more......more...... Regards, 10++++++ Apoet Bangla

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ellie carpenter 22 June 2010

another great poem i love your poems keep writing and never give up love ya xoxoxo ellie

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