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My Love (1)

Dont worry my lady
i am stilling in my past usual
set every morning in that red cup
terning it upside go to another world and remember
youur saying when you were buying it
this is my present for you
i know that you worth more than that
but to remember me every morning
when you are drinking your coffee in my red cup..................
My love.........
Let me get up my dream in your smiling
every morning with my brown coffee
to start my long day with the word i love you
yesterday i didnt sleep after hearing your voice
after i closed my phone
the melody of your voice dancing in my hearing
in suddenly from me
i went to the ends of my heart
to say my missing for you
and after your pic set in my imagine
i tried to close my tierd eyes
wishing to sea you in my dream
but you didnt come
and after i get up my hope has been renewed
to sea you in the real
so i wish to sea you soon
My love

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