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Friendship without flattery
is like
the Ocean without its Waves
and so

காகிதப் பூக்கள்...நீங்கள் கடவுளுக்கு ஏன் சார்த்தபடுவதில்லை? என வருந்தவும் வேண்டுமோ!
உங்கள் வண்ணம் போல் உண்டோ! வேறொறு பூக்கள்;

பூக்களால் அலங்காரம் என்றாலே நீங்கள் தானே முதன்மை இடத்தில் இருக்கிறீர்கள்!

Thank God for
what we are and
where we are and
where we will be next

It isn't sufficient to say thanks to parents
I owe a lot to my parents
for they have given birth to me
for they have grown me up

What is left over a little
in a broken friendship is
few photos of the friend that are
left over with you that

God's gifts to the human beings
Are different in different points of time
In the lifetime of himself or herself
So has to make him or her feel content in life anytime

Money when gained over and above the other person
say it a
relations, or friends, or spouse or anyone in acquaintance
does automatically reduces the value of the other person

Love is like Air
its everywhere
Love is like flower
its beautiful

You have to create your personal time
So you would enjoy your life more
The Life apart from satisfying the daily home and job needs
Its only in those free times,

We may agree on some opinion
And we may differ on some opinion
And that's a friend!

Successive conversations between friends
Is only to enhance the understanding
Of each other further
Should not be

The one who chase upon his dreams
Will not chase for Money as
Money is only essential for life
Not essential for achieving one's dreams

When the fun at the end becomes serious one
When it is not anymore seriousness
It ends up to be fun;
Fun and seriousness in a cyclic form

அதிகாலையில் உனது முகத்தில் விழித்தலே
தலை சிறந்தது என எண்ணுகிறேன்;
அதை நான் செய்யவும் விழைகிறேன்;
என் அறிவை அனுதினமும் பெருக்குவாய்;

Latha Govindasamy Biography

Greetings! I am born as the first daughter to my parents who are Teachers. I have two younger brothers who are software Engineers and a Younger Sister who is an Electrical Engineer. I am a post graduate M.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras My profession so far has been a Software Engineer. Have passion for process improvement and quality practices implementation. My hobbies have been reading, browsing and watching movies, Travelling, Writing a little. Am married to a Civil Engineer and I have a young cute affectionate daughter and a Toddler son. My daughter is studying in high school who is excelling currently in Arts and crafts and painting. My little son in interested in lot of colouring and drawing work Well, thanks going through my Biography. Have a great day!)

The Best Poem Of Latha Govindasamy

Friendship Isn't all About Flattery but Still Necessary!

Friendship without flattery
is like
the Ocean without its Waves
and so
it is necessary to keep it
little more musical, rhythmic and lively! !

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Nothing lasts forever than the presence of God!

'Friendship without Flattery is like the Ocean without its Waves'

'Thanks is just the word though it's the finest word'

A man does strive throughout and earn money either to feed himself and or or to feed others around him

Find a Leader in you and you have already found!

'I' am the best Quote

Blatant truth in one place is Silent truth in some other place

Flowers means the Freshness and the Fragrance

'Having the Flowers around you and merely looking at them brings so much freshness to your Mind. So have the Flowers around you always to be happy and to feel fresh'

Love is like Air, its everywhere

Everytime a bit advancing is poet's nature appreciating nature

'A Friend is your mind's reflection'

'Though It's a Busy Schedule For Me, I Always Find Time For Him, That Is A Friend '

The World's Best Journey is Friendship Journey

'Good words yield Good results'

A Good hearted Man is a Life's Inspiration

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Latha Govindasamy Popularity

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