Lauren Coles Poems

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Nowhere To Run

I don't know reader what you are going through,
You are crying,
Your pain is weighing heavily on you,
You have no place to go,

Pause Button

Life doesn't always play out like we want it to,
People are afraid to ask for help,
It's not until you experience hardship then you see the world with fresh eyes,
Imagine if you couldn't walk,

Be Fearless

Life waits for no one,
We can talk the talk versus walking the walk,
Why live with fear,
Things happen to people everyday,

Why Is My Book Bag So Heavy

Book bags are essential for school,
I don't care what grade you're in,
The key to success is a well balanced breakfast so that every person can concentrate on their work,
But too many kids come with their tummies growling like a bear,

Bad News Blues

Bad news blues
Evil takes over,
I blame social media,
People copy what they see from Tv.

Athena Goddess Of Wisdom We Need You Now More Than Ever

The world is changing so fast,
Where's the proof of your love,
If only you were real and not made up,
You probably would put a arm around everyone you would meet,

Gentlemen Caller

Lonely nights crying myself to sleep,
A aching heart yearning for something more,
I hope that God will give me a sign,
If only the stars would align,

Reaching For The Stars As A Child

Bedtime sweet child,
Lay down and rest your head,
Kids are still too young to know what stars are,
Mothers put something together to help them get to sleep,

No Show

Sitting here waiting for hours,
A total let down,
Show a little bit of respect by calling and saying that you are going to be late,
My mom has been working on my makeup for hours,

A Personal Touch

A room is not a room unless everything is in it's place,
A person walks into a room like a ghost because it's walls are naked,
Dust covers the floor,
People put houses up for sale for many different reasons,

Error Success