Lauren Coles Poems

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Pause Button

Life doesn't always play out like we want it to,
People are afraid to ask for help,
It's not until you experience hardship then you see the world with fresh eyes,
Imagine if you couldn't walk,

Bad News Blues

Bad news blues
Evil takes over,
I blame social media,
People copy what they see from Tv.

Gentlemen Caller

Lonely nights crying myself to sleep,
A aching heart yearning for something more,
I hope that God will give me a sign,
If only the stars would align,


Wheels can spin in your head,
A idea can spark from anywhere,
The mind is a creative genius,
If people don't know what the world needs there will not change.

Always Near

It's hard to believe in something that you can't see,
I can't hold your hand but I know that you are near,
I unusually am asking you to help me improve other's lives,
I want to hear your thoughts on finding a sole mate.

Creating My Own Happiness

Pain is getting to me,
I don't want to fall in love over the computer,
If only love is easy to find like it is in the movies,
I wish people would read me like a book,


I wish I knew what the keys meant on the keyboard,
But I'm not a musical genius,
Then what am I waiting for every day is a learning experience.


You are on my mind,
I wish I could turn you off when I go to bed,
When I hear your favorite music on the radio I want to sing along,
You are my addition,

A Long Sleep

Animals have to rest,
They can't be on their feet all day,
They don't have coats like humans do,
Only fur,

Get It On Paper

Words might come to you overnight,
But you might lose the key,
Words might float down the river,
So grab a pen,

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