Athena Goddess Of Wisdom We Need You Now More Than Ever Poem by Lauren Coles

Athena Goddess Of Wisdom We Need You Now More Than Ever

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The world is changing so fast,
Where's the proof of your love,
If only you were real and not made up,
You probably would put a arm around everyone you would meet,
It is hard to trust people,
Technology wasn't invented in your time period,
I wish people could've seen how hard you worked for what you had,
You probably didn't have much,
You probably didn't get a lot of thank you cards but I am writing you one,
All of America can learn about giving away free acts of kindness,
They could hold a door for someone,
They can sit with a kid who is getting bullied,
You can read to the elders,
You can help kids with cancer by donating your hair,
The list goes on and on,
With a single action won't change anything but several huge changes will help make huge strides in the future if we all come together as one.

Sandra Feldman 02 August 2023

A poem to read, admire and read many times again, especially when you strat losing hope and everything seems to be crumbling around us. To myu favorites and thank you for this heaart-warming gift. Bessings

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Sandra Feldman 02 August 2023

Such a beautiful, true and idealistic poem, of which today, we are in so much need of! Wonderfully conceived and presented!

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Aufie Zophy 02 August 2023

Yes, nicely said. We need a wisdom and kindness revolution. And it is well underway. While we see the negativity in the news, we can see a lot of positive things in our own world. Let us all be part of a wisdom and kindness revolution

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