Why Is My Book Bag So Heavy Poem by Lauren Coles

Why Is My Book Bag So Heavy

Book bags are essential for school,
I don't care what grade you're in,
The key to success is a well balanced breakfast so that every person can concentrate on their work,
But too many kids come with their tummies growling like a bear,
Kids hold their secrets inside,
They don't think that teachers care about problems that their students face outside of school,
Hunger is a serious problem that doesn't have a crucial role in society,
Kids might get upset when the end of the week comes because food isn't available,
Parents have to decide whether their kids are important enough counselors want to help their kids get back on their feet,
Other kids may take advantage of free food so they have lists that they keep top secret,
Schools have competitions to see how much food they can bring in,
If everyone works together they can feed an army.

Bri Edwards 10 November 2023

Your meaning(s) become very hazy for me at the end. ; ( Perhaps a Poet's Notes would help, but I feel a poem, well-construted, should not NEED follow-up notes.

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Bri Edwards 10 November 2023

This may at times be an important issue to face....or ignore, but, for me, it failed as a 'poem'. And though I had no problem with grammar here at first, I did nearer the ending. bri : )

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Cowboy Ron Williams 10 November 2023

It's a shame that some students have to go to school hungry. They can't do their best work in that condition.

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