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I don't know reader what you are going through,
You are crying,
Your pain is weighing heavily on you,
You have no place to go,

Life doesn't always play out like we want it to,
People are afraid to ask for help,
It's not until you experience hardship then you see the world with fresh eyes,
Imagine if you couldn't walk,

Life waits for no one,
We can talk the talk versus walking the walk,
Why live with fear,
Things happen to people everyday,

The world is changing so fast,
Where's the proof of your love,
If only you were real and not made up,
You probably would put a arm around everyone you would meet,

Kids are scared to be called down to the principals office,
Better get that silly grin off your face,
You don't know weather the principal is your pal or your worst nightmare,
Kids are normally in hot water when they are called down to their office,

Bad news blues
Evil takes over,
I blame social media,
People copy what they see from Tv.

Book bags are essential for school,
I don't care what grade you're in,
The key to success is a well balanced breakfast so that every person can concentrate on their work,
But too many kids come with their tummies growling like a bear,

Lonely nights crying myself to sleep,
A aching heart yearning for something more,
I hope that God will give me a sign,
If only the stars would align,

We all have something in our lives that we're not proud of,
A drinking problem,
Running from the law,

Violence is never the answer,
Where can you go to relieve stress,
Down by the river you can throw pebbles in the water,
The sky doesn't care,

It's sad to say that some kids can't have fun,
Kids may have to study all the time,
They might have to babysit their younger siblings while they're still a kid themselves,
Don't wish your life away,

Dot, dot, dot,
The annoying sign that someone is typing,
Lines are wiggling back and forth like waves,
You have to have good eyes to look at the small screen that fits in your palm of your hand,

Follow the leader might be the best children's game ever invented,
Fridays are the perfect days to party with your friends,
I rather stay home and watch a movie than go out and get drunk,
Drinking is not a cup of tea that I choose to be part of,

Flowers are the best part of weddings,
Spring is the perfect time for rain,
March is the beginning of the spring season,
People can't predict the weather,

What's to be done about the situation if there's only one person who is involved,
A fire will just keep growing and then more people will lose their lives,
Police officers can't do their jobs without a sidekick because they have to drive and someone else is watching to make sure they don't escape from their handcuffs,

Until it's taken away
I wish I knew what it feels like to run,
Other people do,
I wouldn't wish tragedy upon anyone,

Evil is not something to celebrate,
Kindness is rarely celebrated,
1. Kindness isn't always about you.
2. End friendships that are toxic,

A buzzing sound from the background might sound like a fly,
But when someone goes to kill the tiny insect you notice that it isn't a bug at all,
Kids play with drones every day,
Drones have á importance job to do,

Tissues are not your friend,
Everyone walks a different path,
People have to decide whether to stay in the rain storm or make happy music while they jump in the puddles,
People might lose a job and they don't want to look to the next chapter of the unwritten story,

Little kids love to go to the movies,
But you didn't have any idea that kids had a major role in the movie,
Everything is fine until the lights go out.
Kids might be kicking your seat,

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I have cerebral palsy and am in a wheelchair. I like to write motivational poems. I have my own business called inspiration station where my mom helps me paint homemade greeting cards. Www. Lauren's inspiration My novels can be purchased on

The Best Poem Of Lauren Coles

Nowhere To Run

I don't know reader what you are going through,
You are crying,
Your pain is weighing heavily on you,
You have no place to go,
But please do something creative like art,
Keep a journal and write even if you are not in the mood,
Trust me you don't have to share it now but later on you might want to help a complete stranger,
Teachers should teach classes on self care,
It can help the death toll go down.

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The written word can be so refreshing and can take you on a journey to places that you can only imagine.

Every time that I put pen to paper I know that I'm changing the world

Find a quiet place and start soul searching

We can be teachers to everyone we meet.

Live your life like a movie'

Life is like a camera you have to experience something that is unclear to get a better photo.

Don't sleep your life away you will never get the chance again.

Sit by the river or find a quiet spot to relax and drink god's grace in. Nature and all things didn't appear here overnight. All good things start from hardships.

Sit by the river or find a quiet spot to relax and drink god in

"God is like a spy seeing if you are doing good deeds everyday"

Make your own soundtrack for the life you want to live

Share your thoughts in your own time.

Wheelchair or no wheelchair I'm trying to figure how to get people to listen to my words so that they add up something productive rather than destroying peoples dreams. I wish I had a magic wand for doing just that.

Make sure that the yolk in a egg doesn't crack because you can't stitch with a needle and thread.

Dancing with heart is better than dancing at all.

If we only had a remote control to turn love on and off like a light switch

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