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Be not afraid
As you climb the hill
Look back behind you
Take in your fill

Did you ever wonder
About your very last day?
How would you spend it?
What would you say?

Hot summer sun
Crab cakes on a bun
A cooling breeze
To put you at ease

Rode by houses
I lived in in the day
Now boarded-up relics
wood rot and decay

You spend your life
Being nourished and loved.
From those special people
The ones, God sent from above.

If I could capture
A few of those times.
When fun was had,
And the sun always shined.


Flat on my back
All sick and blue
Long cold days of winter
With nothing to do

A frail old man
Sat in the corner alone
A quiet poet
Waiting to go home

The shadows come
The shadows go
Usually when I'm weak
Or feeling really low


Mind's busy
Things to do
Worried about the order
Looked up, saw you.

Sometimes when I sit
In my comfortable chair
I think of the world
And the unrest that's there

Born in a place
that no longer exists.
Life's been a blur,
a long lonely trip.

Warm Rays of sun...Shinning
Through the venetian blinds
Lazy Sunday afternoon
Nothing to find


Where lies the sleeping man?
The one gone to war and back again.
Back in dreams so vivid and real.
Of faces floating free and clear.

Shootings in the day
Shootings at night
Welcome to Baltimore
Be careful with your life

Homicide's keep coming
Quick as one, two, three
Thug's were given the city
Cops had to take a knee

The schools are failing
City schools are a mess
No more cursive writing
No more being the best


A poem is no good
left in a book with closed pages
it needs to be circulated
shared down through the ages

Know how it feels
To be alone
To suffer in silence
In a chaotic home

Bad people around
everywhere you go
pulling you down
letting you know

Lawerence Mize, Sr. Biography

Was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1949. Enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1966 and served in the Republic of Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division. Haunted by my experiences in Vietnam I began to write poems to help me cope with the painful memories I still carry. I am currently retired from the Baltimore City Police Department. Poems I've submitted on PoemHunter.Com are about a range of issues and things that matter to me.)

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Be Not Afraid

Be not afraid
As you climb the hill
Look back behind you
Take in your fill

You've traveled so far
Down life's many roads
Take time for a break
Lighten your load

Reflect on your journey
Take it all in
It's been a hell of a trip
No matter where you've been

Taken so long
To get from there to here
Now you know
There's nothing to fear

Be not afraid
As the curtain is drawn
You've reached the crest
It won't take long

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Smoky Hoss 14 October 2015

The more I read of poet Mize's words, the more I like them, the more I want to read them. Very good words indeed.

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