The Old Man Poem by Lawerence Mize, Sr.

The Old Man

Rating: 4.7

A frail old man
Sat in the corner alone
A quiet poet
Waiting to go home

The coffee house
Hosted his book signing event
People came
People went

His book of verse
For all to see
Sat on the table
For anyone to read

The poet waited to give his pitch
For someone to give his book a try
No sales today
Just passers by

Smoky Hoss 07 January 2018

Seems like every couple years I find myself mysteriously drawn back to this one particular poem. There is just something in these words that moves my spirit; can't quite put my finger on it, rather like putting an ear to the rail and feeling but not yet seeing the big train a coming. It moves...

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Smoky Hoss 14 October 2015

Just had to stop by and read this one again; there is something so drawing about it for me; perhaps a melancholy, or it's rawness, or it's realness... something, very, very good, and beautiful.

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Liliana ~el 29 September 2013

This is really sweet and sad. So many talents out there anticipating their moment, their big break.. A time when hope is all they've got to go on

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Smoky Hoss 13 September 2013

There's a deep and sentimental pathos lingering in these moving words; and it makes me love this poem in the way I love the season of fall. Good one Lawerence.

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Lawerence Mize, Sr.

Lawerence Mize, Sr.

Baltimore, Maryland
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