My Definition Of Love.. Poem by LC Jose Deluna

My Definition Of Love..

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Love Is Great Its A Feeling Like No Other And Often Time Provides Great Pleasure But
It Is Known As A Double Edged Sword For Its Effectiveness In Destroying Oneself...
The Attraction To Love Someone Else Is Quite Pleasing But In Essence People Often Take It For Granted
Love Hurts And Cures And Sometimes It Does Both Simultaneously..
Many People Dont Know How To Love And Thats Why They Experience The Downsides Of It Most The Time..
Knowing How To Love Begins With The Word The Feeling And The Recognition Of The Person You Are Loving
Love Isn't Just A Word That Can Be Said Its A Force That Is Bound By Trust, Friendship, Loyalty, And Sexual Attraction..
You Can't Just Say You Love Someone Then Expect That Word To Cover A Relationship..
You Have To Feel It And Love Without Regret Without Any Strings Attached
The Ability To Love Someone Or Something Unconditionally Is A Beautiful Thing..

Sally Plumb Plumb 29 August 2010

Your definition is certainly right.

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Samantha Samis 08 July 2010

Very true. Love is a complicated thing, but also very beautiful. Good one

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Jasmine Dugas 11 March 2010

amazing poem your poem is very true

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