Always Be By Our Side Jesus Poem by LC Jose Deluna

Always Be By Our Side Jesus

Living In This Cityful Can Be Kinda Pitiful
Everyone Sinning Thinking That They Acquitted For
I Aint Saying Im Perfect Let Alone INnocent
Matter Fact Im Guilty But I Know Being Acquitted
Three Nails One Cross Yea Thats What Did It
Six hours Later Christ Said It Was Finished
Sin Death And The Grave Have Now Been Diminished
Forgiveness Now Reigns All You Got To Do Is Let It..
It Reigns Dont You Forget It..
The Price Has Been Paid So You Got To Accept It
Nailed To The Tree He Was Cursed He Was Bleeding
But He Never Thought Twice About Giving Up His Freedom
Willingly Knowing That Father Would Leave Him..

He Bench pressed Sin So We Could Be Ree-deemed And
Rose From The Grave In 3 Days And Freed Men
The Message Of The Cross That Set Sinners A Free
Its Needs To Be Preached But We Living For Our Weekends
Satan Is Steady Creeping And We Steady Sleeping
In The Twilight Of The Night Souls Dying And I Can Hear Them
None To Pay The Price To Sacrifice And Lead Them
Rather Let Satan Destroy And Deceive Them Then Steal Them
From Being Restored Whats The Reason Now Aint The Time
Now Aint The Season Lift Up Your Eyes You Got To Seeing
This HArvest Is White And Ripe For Reaping
Ready To Fight In His Might No Retreating

Sally Plumb Plumb 08 July 2010

What is sin? Life is a big survival programme.

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