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Ghost flights piloted by evil men
Flying overhead
More young soldiers sent to war
En route to join the dead

Three hours into our date
And many cocktails later
I’m in an utterly desperate state
With sensations growing greater

I remember you saying
I was your muse
And I remember being rather

Tongue licking
Bottom to top
Fingers sticking
From every drop


Hearts don’t always do the same
When limbs intertwine

But for now I think you’re lovely

When I was choosing a path in life
My father gave me a piece of advice

“Here’s what I want you to do for me

Her heart has capacity like no other
And I’ve never seen arms that wide

Like believing the weatherman decides when it snows
And that planting a tenner makes a money tree grow
Like closing your eyes means you’re no longer seen
And a world before you could never have been

Huge clumps of homogenous night
Don’t you need a holiday?

Haven’t you run out of twisted delight for keeping my sleep at bay?

I see dirty people
Behind a dirty peephole
Doing dirty things
For the money that it brings

I’m going to need a bigger boat
For all my dreams to stay afloat

I couldn’t throw any overboard

If you were a scientist I’d let you discover
Which little tricks washed my body with colour

If you were a cowboy I’d let you lasso me

He holds his instrument
Breathes deeply
Pursing his mouth
Resting it on his lips

I invited him to go to war
And come into my trenches
To be pressed against a cold, brick wall
To endure my strokes and clenches

Johnny is a hero
Johnny saves lives
Johnny’s worn by husband
And inserted into wives

It shattered into pieces

Shimmering like tears

My father the giant as giant as can be
Big, strong looking down at me

Giant feet I stand on top of,

New York, New York
How can I thank you?
Shall I don some leather, a titillating torque
Bend you over my knee and spank you?

“Give me a second” I said as he left
And he stopped
I stood there praying for death
Cos only death could stop this thing

In moments like these when I’m so damn chuffed
And the biggest damn smile still isn’t big enough

Like a huge damn tide coming in across my face

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Blanket Bombs Descend

Ghost flights piloted by evil men
Flying overhead
More young soldiers sent to war
En route to join the dead

A sick and cold child shivers
But only blanket bombs descend
Global warming dries up rivers
And our army’s all we’ll send

Middle America with giant asses
Force fed like the meat they devoured
Patriotic working classes
Exploited but feeling empowered

What shall we call this new democracy?
We’ll put you in power then you do as you please
Sounds more like hypocrisy
Like a war with an imaginary enemy

This fear mongered kind of democracy
I think we’ll call it reality

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Max Reif 26 February 2006

On the day I'm writing this, February 26,2006, Lea has 20 poems posted, many of them short. The longer ones, I believe, are all, or almost all, in rhymed stanzas (not generally *my* favorite cup of tea) . That should not keep you from reading her poems. Among these are some of the most brilliant lines I have ever seen! As I wrote under one of Lea's, 'You are only 27, and you've already written things as good or better than Dorothy Parker, the 'bard-ess' of barbed, rhymed verse.' There is a haiku among these 20, that says as much as many whole books! Lea has a brilliant mind and a wonderful disregard for the 'polite' and the conventional. I harbor a wish-it may be completely irrelevant to Lea's intuition, in which case she should not follow it-to also see how this wonderful mind would unfold itself in completely unfettered, free verse, and even prose stories and essays.

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