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Peace In Lonliness

Distant bells open my eyes
Bringing me back to where i am
My dream now lost in my mind
I'm awake as I'll ever be

Wilting Life

To wander in the distance, over a petal of a rose
In deep thought of what has been
Or what has not
Drifting in an ocean that hugs earths’ surface for eternity

Devour Me

The mundane talk around me makes me want to die
I cry tears of crystal, clear and majestic 
Sparkling in the moonlight
I can't handle staying here in this mediocre world when I'm soaring past the stars in my heart 

Secret Song

my biggest secret,

and saddest song,

Eternal Wanderlust

Beside the clouds I can clearly see
I'm not flying away, but towards a truer me
Sunshine in the dirt, life in the rain
Yesterday stores away a far off distant pain

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Lesley Atherton 03 April 2021

Hi Leah, I am going to read one of your poems on the radio on Wednesday next week. I do hope that's OK. I've credited you and Poemhunter, Lesley. Feel free to email me at lesley.athertonenjoyradio.co.uk if you have any queries... Lesley

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Rishad Mk 27 May 2015

Your poems express your extraordinary talent in poetic imagination. Excellent poems! I appreciate you with my whole heart.

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Mj Lemon 27 March 2015

An exceptional talent...A poet who demands to be read again and again and again...

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Sandra Feldman 28 August 2014

Very talented, very sweet One of the best poets You'll ever meet. Make life a work of art, Leah's words. Love that concept! She sure is getting there fast. What could be better?

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Keith Sifelani 11 June 2014

Wow! thats an explosive poem, BRAVO well exacuted, i am actually speechless. I would actually comment this poem the whole day. I

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Queen of Wonderland; even the Brightest Angel is Darkened by time.

Make Life a work of Art.

Our lives can't be lived in flames. Our lives can't be lit like saints' hearts, seared between heaven and earth.

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