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The Teacher Is The Teachers Teacher

Some drown in hydrolyzed clouds
Some fall with the rains’ wiping away
All progress made let fade into top soils
Wet bloody mud from trampling up the

Cellophane Spirit: Improvisation 10 19 2004

Old men have seen a memory blown by sleeping,
wails of grief kisses sucked up excavated noses
soul stirring psalms to the very top of the lung
energy boasts of a golden but feared recall, I

A Poem Speaks Native (Improvisation 10 29 2009)

Original 10 30 2009

A poem speaks native speak

A Granddaughter's Smile

A granddaughter’s smile incites advantage
as she readies her nest for the nighttime story
she prepares each slice of magnetic universe
she tends to bottle warming and gifts;

When Poems Write Themselves

When poems write themselves
To save good eating for last
They refrigerate desserts but
Set them out a while to ponder

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Lee Mack 12 September 2019

time makes real people seem. does it duration makes places last, was it diagonals make thing circle, come soon spin apart simulate holograms of moons

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Lee Mack 30 October 2011

At log-in: to Lee B Mack poems, submit new poems blocked, edit is also blocked, from list of 119 poems; diverted to another (2nd) list of 13 poems instead where submit new poems is allowed.

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Lee Mack 08 October 2010

Wonderful poems

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LEE BROCK MACK (Psychobiography)

Lee Brock Mack poet, Semi-Retired Financial/Systems Consultant, Community College and High School part time Teacher; is author of the 1977 poems: “Gifts of Strength” and “Home Train.” Mr. Mack recognized traditional philosophies and practices of poetry, and works hard to spearhead some works he hopes ...

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