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Music is a gift of life

To listen to music and feel the tough


A hero is one who inspires
He is never a liar
Inspiration we draw from them
They never unwilling

When I close my eyes and fall asleep

That is when I dream

Family is love
Family is care
When you are in trouble
They are there


Anger is a result of fear
A result of heartache and tears
Anger causes pain
Which in the end will remain

Children rise up
Children rise up
You are free
You are free

Success is an achievement for hard work

Through hard work and prayer and trying times

I lie on the bed

And put on the telly

Everywhere I go
All the faces that I see
All the smiles of wonder on the faces
That I greet

I will make it once again
I will stand up from the rain
I will prosper once again

Anytime you need a friend
I'll be here
To guide you through your fears
Rely on me whenever you in trouble

Summertime is here
And it is time for me to swim
Bodies of all shapes and sizes
Will be evident in the sea

I watch the pot on the stove

Water is overspilling

I pack my backs
“It’s time to go”
Never has this feeling of joy felt so bold

Memories of happy times
Flood my head
As the boat rocks on and on…

Since I was born I knew that I had something special
All that needed was direction and skill
It took a long time to get where I am

Looking back
I realized that the things
I went through was worth it

My girlfriends are peaches
She tastes of cream
Her curvaceous body
Sends wild vibrations within me

On the way to Blouberg
I visit a friend in Camps Bay.
Riding around the Cape Peninsula Area
We have a bird’s eye view of the Cape Point Nature Reserve

A journey takes a few students to a small dorp called Clanwilliam.
From campus we assemble in the dead of the night
We catch the first rays of sun
Streaming in the car

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Music is a gift of life

To listen to music and feel the tough

For some it is inspirational and others to much

Music can move an individual in a certain way

Especially if a close friend or artist as passed away

It can make you happy when you feel down or mad

We all have our idols

Young and old

There music is inspiring and the word stands out bold

We all love different flavours of music

Whether it is Classical, Rock, R&B or Hip-Hop

I Believe that the music carries a message

And we as people derive a small part of a particular song and carry that piece into our hearts

Music I believe will never die

And it will always live on and form a small part of our lives.

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