Music Poem by Lee John Siebritz


Rating: 2.6

Music is a gift of life

To listen to music and feel the tough

For some it is inspirational and others to much

Music can move an individual in a certain way

Especially if a close friend or artist as passed away

It can make you happy when you feel down or mad

We all have our idols

Young and old

There music is inspiring and the word stands out bold

We all love different flavours of music

Whether it is Classical, Rock, R&B or Hip-Hop

I Believe that the music carries a message

And we as people derive a small part of a particular song and carry that piece into our hearts

Music I believe will never die

And it will always live on and form a small part of our lives.

Kim Barney 15 May 2015

The sentiments expressed here are right on, Lee John, but this poem would be so much better if you cleaned up a couple of grammar mistakes. Line three: TOO MUCH instead of TO MUCH. Line five: HAS PASSED AWAY instead of AS PASSED AWAY. Line nine: THEIR MUSIC instead of THERE MUSIC. Also, I didn't understand what you meant on line two with FEEL THE TOUGH. What is the TOUGH? Anyway, I enjoyed the poem, and congratulations on having it chosen as Poem of the Day!

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Chinedu Dike 15 May 2015

A nice piece of poetry, depicting the essence of music in our lives. A lovely poem indeed. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON. ➕9

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