Lesley Taylor

Rookie (Santa Maria, California)

Lesley Taylor Poems

1. Perfectly Invincible 3/21/2007
2. She Writes At Midnight 4/24/2007
3. Spindle 1/5/2008
4. Martyr. 1/5/2008
5. Her Curtain Dress 1/5/2008
6. The Sky Is High 1/5/2008
7. Bed-Mouth 1/5/2008
8. In An Infinite Way 1/5/2008
9. Breathing 1/5/2008
10. Contradictions. 1/5/2008
11. Runnin' (In Circles) 1/5/2008
12. Purpose 3/21/2007
13. Of No Consequence 3/21/2007
14. What Truth Is There In You, Heart? 3/21/2007
15. Betrothal 3/21/2007
16. Shower 4/19/2007
17. On Prayer 3/21/2007
18. An Almost Goodbye 3/21/2007
19. Writers Hands 3/21/2007

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Best Poem of Lesley Taylor


I was born in a printing press
I'll die as a thread
through a pin
in the rain
On the sidewalk.
I was simmered
and sauteed
like an onion
or like grain
I was baked and I rose up like bread.
I'm there 'cause I wander
I'm here cause I stay
Perhaps I'll never leave this place.
I'm torn and regretful,
battered and heartfelt,
I'm a baby in the womb, I'm the mother.
I'm defeated so soon.
(breath alludes death intrudes)
can we go without knowing the truth?
I'm a bell on a string,
I'm a whisp of a dream,
I'm a poem, I'm a poem, I'm ...

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An Almost Goodbye

Frosty fingers intertwine
elaborate lace, peering eyes
and what is this I feel inside?
what darkness is amiss?

heart so pallid, moon so cold
stars extinguished-black as coal
and what is this I feel inside
what final frigid kiss?