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These words are simple,
love, joy, happiness,
yet it creates such a stir in our minds.
It floods us with memories,

What do I love about a country that has saved me,
That comforts me,
It confirms me, it proves I exist.
I love my country,

I waited for your smile
I longed for your love
I cared for you
but you tore me apart

Angels protect you when ur scared of the dark,
Angels love you even if you have done the wrong thing,
Angels shelter you under their wings,
Angels dry the tears from your eyes,

There are things I keep doing,
Places I keep visiting,
People I catch up with,
People I spend time with,

He brushed aside the hair from my face,
he smiled at me and held me close.
He kissed my forhead and called me baby when I felt bad that he was leaving,
I just dint know that he was leaving for good and would never come back to me.


When your nearing death,
Its then that you truely think about the times you ve loved,
times uve crossed someone
times uve left words unsaid................

Reality, like lightning, might strike me.
my vision then no more blurred by love........yet love is all around me,
and i cant let it go
how simple, to say i love you, yet how complicated is the word that defines all that is beautiful, all that is lovely, all that is the feelings, most sacred.

My eyes opened and that morn I saw your face, expressionless
what went on in your mind i couldnt tell
You said to me, ive got to go
and you left.............

you are like a little angel
with the eyes of mischief
when u smile u paint your face with joy

You departed from this world,
You fell and drowned into the unknown.
I am haunted by your beauty,
haunted by the melancholy charm of your nature.

You know, I would do anything to take away that sad smile from your face,
Look at the morning leaves brimming with dew........
Its just like you, with your eyes filled with tears..........
Dont forget I'm here..............

Here lie on the empty and desolate road of unhappiness,
I fooled the world with my pleasant smile,
I fooled the world with the joyous rain of laughter,
Here I lie, alone and abandoned with nothing to hope for.

I'll be with you,
like you were with me.
Through thick and thin,
you stood by me.

Moving slowly away from you,
I realized how hard it was to stay with you.
Its harder still just to hear you, to feel you......to breathe in the same momentum......
Its life that changes slowly,


A sliver of the moon stared out at me,
and the sky was as dark as the deepest sea.
I lay on the grass, thinking, wishing she was here.
and as I lay there, I felt the warmth of a tear.

My love

I'll wait with you

Oh, how bitter is truth,
how melancholy is sorrow,
When a word spoken has caused enough of it,
when a life lost, has ended all of it.

I cut myself when the good china broke,
It only made a mark on my skin, a scar to remember.
But when I heard you speak, it made me forget,
I lost touch of the scars and the sadness that floats around it.

A chrysalis of ideas keeps floating around my head,

and holds my hand when I feel I cannot stand.

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Well, I live and thrive in the momentum of happiness.... most of the time)

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These words are simple,
love, joy, happiness,
yet it creates such a stir in our minds.
It floods us with memories,
beautiful and unique like ethereal dreams.
Imagery of days gone by.....
comes back to you and you rush to embrace it.
This is what life is all about,
these simple words.........

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