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Linda Barnes Poems

1. This Woman She Is 3/10/2015
2. In This Wonderful Life 3/13/2015
3. My Heart Stayed 3/24/2015
4. Tomorrow 3/24/2015
5. You Want To Escape 3/25/2015
6. No Longer Compromise 3/25/2015
7. The Woman You Need 3/26/2015
8. Two Broken Hearts 4/7/2015
9. Dark Corners 4/7/2015
10. Comfort In You 4/10/2015
11. Release This Pain 4/22/2015
12. Chapters Of My Life 4/23/2015
13. A Grandmother's Truth 5/5/2015
14. Man Of Her Dreams 5/15/2015
15. Mirror Image In His Son 6/5/2015
16. My Life Moves Forward Still 7/16/2015
17. Careless Words Will Last 3/23/2015
18. A Title That Was Given By You 8/4/2015
19. Only For A Little While 8/5/2015
20. An Ordinary Life 8/5/2015
21. The Light In My Darkness 8/6/2015
22. Timeless Capsule Of Love 8/10/2015
23. On That Maui July Night 8/21/2015
24. Secrets 8/27/2015
25. Upside Down American Flag 11/3/2015
26. Hidden Behind My Eyes 11/10/2015
27. My Heart Has Betrayed 12/21/2015
28. A Shiny Penny 12/23/2015
29. Silence My Grieving Heart 1/6/2016
30. Everlasting Love 1/28/2016
31. Begin Day Two 3/11/2016
32. Prying Minds 4/4/2016
33. Memory Of Love 6/27/2016
34. Paint Me In Bright Colors 8/3/2016
35. Little Miss Harper Avery 8/24/2016
36. You Are So Negative 8/31/2016
37. We Leave Our Imprint 9/1/2016
38. A Time We Were In Love 9/8/2016
39. Could Not Find A Pathway 11/11/2016
40. I Stood Alone 1/27/2017

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Best Poem of Linda Barnes

A World So Broken

I will leave this Earth
With a broken heart
Of all I have seen
And all that is not

I was allowed to grow up
Through rose colored glasses
Not having to witness
Streets so chaotic

Who would have believed
How this world would change
From celebrating Christmas
To dying for believing in same

Children of today
Have no clue or idea
What yesterday use to be
Or what tomorrow will bring

As a prayer is whispered
Will it calm their fears
As they cry themselves to sleep
Living in a world so broken

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A Letter To Brody

I waited so long
To hold you in my arms
Even not knowing
Whether you were a boy or girl

It never mattered to me
As I just needed to see
What a beautiful person
You would definitely be

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