Linda Hepner Poems

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Allium, Peeling Onions

Peeling onions with my naked nails
Oh how close I come to paring off my parchment skin
And on it I shall write: if all else fails
This you shall send to those I’ve harbored, allies, foe and kin:

Apple Cart

The apple cart came rumbling down the street
Pushed by the apple man who’d piled it high

Everyman, Woman, For Ernestine Northover

God’s knife cuts deeply into the shadowed valley
And let’s us fall there. Then we scramble up
And trudge along, bearing our earthly goods.

Damp My Desire?

Are you my vampire? That is what he said.
I’ll just describe it. I was on my bed
Soaking the sun and reading ‘Life and Fate’
Vasili Grossman wrote app. ’38,

Cat Nap

I like to take a catnap now and then
For instance on a Sabbath afternoon
When book in hand I lie down in the den
A glass of tea, some honey and a spoon

Adjustment, A Poem For Pregnancy #2


My children have been words. Words were children.
Phrases fat and thin that lined the fragile field.

An Empty Ear Is Eden

Those little innuendoes first
just niggle, then they make us thirst
for something.... what we can't explain
until some insight gives it name

A Tale Of Two Dominions

Lady moon you are a lamp of darkness,
You cast your shadow on the sunlit earth
Eclipsing spirit, stunting growth, a furnace
Of icy coals destroying heart and hearth.


Pallid you may be; Athena, Pallas,
Was wise too, pale because she knew too much
About her lover's quite elusive phallus
Whenever she came near and wished to touch.

Babel, A Sonnet

Oh happy he who in his ignorance
Can spend his busy days in fruitfulness,
Who has no third eye for the clues of chance
And builds a scaffold for his happiness.

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