Linda Hepner

Veteran Poet - 1,186 Points (London)

Linda Hepner Poems

1. Tashlich 10/10/2005
2. Kicking, A Poem For Pregnancy #1 5/30/2005
3. Celtic Runes 3/5/2006
4. Untold 5/14/2006
5. Brent River Bride 6/6/2006
6. Standing In The Shower 12/26/2005
7. When You Lie 12/29/2005
8. Dinah In Egypt 1/5/2006
9. Attic Garden 2/25/2006
10. Many Rooms With Many Views 7/31/2005
11. In The Calm 9/5/2005
12. Rhinestones 9/26/2005
13. Emails 10/2/2005
14. Rachel At Gal-Eid 12/13/2005
15. Mother Of Millions 12/16/2005
16. Rebekkah 12/21/2005
17. Lower Your Guard 5/30/2005
18. Is 5/30/2005
19. And Much Cattle 5/26/2005
20. Doubt 7/18/2005
21. Keep Flowing 8/31/2006
22. Forty Years In The Forest 8/31/2006
23. Ariadne 9/19/2006
24. Fallen 11/9/2007
25. Jam Tomorrow 12/2/2007
26. Flecked With Brown 2/10/2008
27. Mørtensen, Erick By Name 2/26/2008
28. Clerihew 1 8/1/2008
29. Talisman - A Prose Poem 8/7/2008
30. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 8/18/2008
31. Transparent Talk 8/21/2008
32. Los Angeles 11/11/2008
33. Queen Isabella Of Boston 12/1/2008
34. Escalator 12/18/2008
35. Damn That Tree 1/1/2009
36. I'D Rather Be A Geisha 3/14/2008
37. Do Svidniya, Pal - A Song 4/17/2008
38. Taurus You Are 6/11/2008
39. Obsession 7/17/2008
40. Jasmine's Hair 1/29/2009

Comments about Linda Hepner

  • Susan Pearl (2/13/2017 5:49:00 AM)

    If you haven't yet discovered the poems by Linda Hepner, then you are missing out on one of the most erudite writers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Her poetry is thought-provoking and highly intelligent. It is baffling that publishing houses have not noticed this extremely talented and and inspiring writer.

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  • Anna Russell (1/18/2007 4:07:00 PM)

    Linda's intelligence, strength and understanding of her craft all shine from every line. Her poetry is always a delight, and there's something in there for everyone. I demand that you read her!
    Anna xxx

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  • Gina Onyemaechi (4/30/2006 10:54:00 AM)

    Linda is a born poet. She metaphors, rhythms and rhymes with elegance, power, and above all, apparent ease! Her work is rich, sophisticated, and highly entertaining. See this for yourself for example in 'Babel, a Sonnet' (word power that will knock your socks off) , 'A Tale of Two Dominions' (rich, imagey, and visual) , 'Tsunami' (a beautifully painted picture of nature and the horror that it inflicted in this devastating catastrophe) and 'Desert Ditty' (a catchy song of hope and determination) .
    I come to Linda's work both for entertainment and for inspiration. Linda tells me that she has no publishing ambition. I feel this is a shame since in my view, her sublime writing deserves to be enjoyed by a far greater audience than that offered by Poem Hunter alone.
    In sum, I feel honoured to know both Linda and her poetry. Her writing is never a let-down.

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Best Poem of Linda Hepner

Everyman, Woman, For Ernestine Northover

God’s knife cuts deeply into the shadowed valley
And let’s us fall there. Then we scramble up
And trudge along, bearing our earthly goods.

It’s not for us to make the final tally,
And not demand to drink from God’s own cup,
Or to do more than blindly in the woods

Pray that the rocky trail transforms to alley,
That God sustains us when we need to sup,
And that we find love in our neighbourhoods.

May you be blessed, that God’s mysterious face
Be turned towards you smiling, bearing grace.

LRH Feb 9th 2006

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Found Again Jewels!

Oh where oh where have my hip joints gone,
Oh where oh where can they be?
I asked the surgeon to save me one
And give it back to me!

I once was joined to my lover man
Like Siamese twins at the hip,
But now he’s found him another fan
A brand new microchip!