A Tale Of Two Dominions Poem by Linda Hepner

A Tale Of Two Dominions

Rating: 5.0

Lady moon you are a lamp of darkness,
You cast your shadow on the sunlit earth
Eclipsing spirit, stunting growth, a furnace
Of icy coals destroying heart and hearth.

Blazing sun you are a lord of chaos,
Your music of the spheres a dreadful drum
And screeching strings, and I the tumbrel
Grinding across the cobbles to the thrum

Of heart-stopped beatings and hard boots’ slow stamping
Awaiting for my grinding wheels to halt,
The silence falling when next comes the clicking
Of knitting needles, then the last assault

Upon my neck, that severed from its screaming
Beneath this nothingness of light and sun
Rolls like a blasted moon with head unblinking
Leaving the constellations free to run.


Anna Russell 03 March 2006

Wow. Linda, this is amazing. It's so incredibly powerful, I feel like I can hear cymbals crashing as I read it! Most poets writing on this sort of theme would celebrate 'God's gracious milky moon' or 'The fiery chariot in the sky' or some such nonsense - thankyou for refusing to say in the middle of the road.10 from me. Hugs Anna xxx

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Hugh Cobb 26 February 2006

Linda, This is a superb poem. The images classical (almost Elizabethan) but the themes universal and the images powerful and extremely well-wrought. The use of rhyme and meter is impeccable. Wonderfully written. Shalom, Hugh

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John Richter 19 October 2015

This is awesome... Linda your poetry is s alive!

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Robert Howard 14 October 2010

Wow what a ride! The language is so rich and evocative. A haunting verbal landscape suffused with dark mystery.

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Moon Batchelder 07 September 2006

just an awesome read...entrancing...balanced and flowing...beauty...

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Kee Thampi 06 March 2006

Lady moon you are a lamp of darkness, You cast your shadow on the sunlit earth Eclipsing........ Spot of talent make a great gift of lovable images

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Gina Onyemaechi 05 March 2006

You've never just gone and had your head chopped off have you, speaker? Resounding imagery. Rich wording. Masterly metre. And Lind, thanks for all your comments on my writing today. Warm regards and a score of 10 from Gina.

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