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Just stay around as a friend
Until I find the strength to stand on my own again
Never leave my side and let me alone
Now that I needed some shoulder to lean on

I heard your voice
In my heart
You touch me
With your heart

I could say that I am lucky
To have been blessed with three sons and no daughters
They fix the plumbing
They replace bad electrical wirings


So deep the silence
I am drowned beneath
So deafening it makes
The sound of tear dropp could be heard

So horrible the death
If you fake it yourself
You could feel the blood
Running out of your flesh

Our Father
Please give me a lover
True and sincere
A scholar he must be

An image of a flashing dream
An illusion that tricks my mind
Vanish, oh dream, from me
Float away and melt

I have one small request, my God
For a friend I treasured most
Heal his wounds,30 stitches sewn
Injured in bombing in a distraught land

Did I ever fail you
When you wanted me around
I came running, almost panting
Wishing not to lose a single moment


Again she plead
Almost begging
Almost kneeling
Almost crying

Must I say goodbye to you
After you told me
I can never ever see your face
I feel the pain creeping into my heart


I ask of you, my God
To always shine your light on me
That I will not get lost in the dark

Old letters
Faded photographs
One last glance
Of every bit

How I wish today's my graduation day
So I could finally see and feel you near
The promise of a tender kiss
The warmth of a sweet embrace

“For God so loved the world…”
This is such the greatest love of all

“…That He gave His only begotten Son…”

My heart battled with my pride
I was hurt and so stay away I tried
But my heart plead I should see you at last
I had sleepless nights while we were apart

I remembered how you wooed me
The sadness in your eyes
The composure in your voice
The fact that your mother left you

You don't need me anymore
There's someone else behind your door
She is waiting for you
I am but an extra baggage now

Come home to me, my dearest
When the sun rests his cloak in the west
When the darkness swallows up the night
And the birds hide their wings after a long flight


A cry for help
Whose heart won’t melt?
If you were in his shoes
What would you have felt?

Little Star Biography

Born in Feb 4, i was the STAR and the apple of the eye of my loving parents as i grew brod and sisters knew all this (giggle) ..i started writing poems at age 14.. also loved to draw. Some poems written and compiled were illustrated with my own drawings...)

The Best Poem Of Little Star

A Friend I Need

Just stay around as a friend
Until I find the strength to stand on my own again
Never leave my side and let me alone
Now that I needed some shoulder to lean on
Every word you'd say now comes as a cure
Comfort me when I'm sad and unsure
All that I have seemed to tear me down
As if the world is turning upside down
Unload the burden from my weary soul
Make me smile through thick, thin and all
Put me where I could be happy as I can be
Don't leave my side so you could catch me when I fall
Not that I wanted you to suffer with me too
Go not please, but stay..this I beg of you..

Little Star Comments

Mr. Poetic 02 July 2007

Little Star is not only a wonderful poet but she is a kind and caring person who has inspired me to start writing again after I abandoned the pen for several months. I would like to personaly thank her for introducing me to this gr8 site and also thank her for being a gr8 companion.

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George Wootton 31 May 2007

Everyone needs a friend to help hold them up. True friends are rare and a most blessed occurance. Great writing!

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