Logan Fulk

Logan Fulk Poems

1. Natures Grace 2/7/2012
2. The Shadowed Life 2/7/2012
3. Life's Grace 2/7/2012
4. Surreal Reality 2/7/2012
5. Shrouded Vale 2/7/2012
6. Prayer 2/7/2012
7. Malicious Mankind 2/7/2012
8. Saints Or Lost Souls? 2/7/2012
9. Silence Is My Friend 3/30/2012
10. Neutrality 5/3/2012
11. Warrior Dash 5/3/2012
12. Connections 10/14/2012
13. Echo Of The Night 10/14/2012
14. Pave The Path 11/29/2012
15. The Path Of Time 12/3/2012
16. One Word 12/13/2012
17. The Lost Flicker 1/4/2013
18. Lost In The Dark 3/2/2012
19. Marigold Field 3/30/2012
20. Created, Copied, Or Born 6/19/2013
21. Everything Must Go On (No Answers Version) 6/19/2013
22. A Reason For An Impossible Goal 8/15/2013
23. Balancing On A Turning World 10/25/2013
24. I Don'T Know If I Know Me 8/21/2014
25. The Weave Of Ways 8/27/2015
26. Roadblock 6/19/2013
27. Take A Stroll 11/5/2014
28. Rise From Our Shadows 8/15/2013
29. The Lunar Blossom 3/2/2012
30. Until Then My Fire Burns 1/4/2013
31. Memories Of Moving On 3/20/2015
32. A Guiding Hand 1/4/2013
33. Subconscious 3/30/2015
34. Natures Gift 3/30/2012
Best Poem of Logan Fulk

Natures Gift

In our hands we have a world of green
So much unknown so much unseen
As thickly woven around as its mysterious ravines
All of this life in a small bean

As serene as dusk as bright as dawn
In its early life as small as a fawn
But as the time goes on and on
It develops thick branches and a trunk with great brawn

Sometimes green sometimes pale
Sometimes flies away in a gale
Sometimes in a storm it flails
And sometimes the delicate life can sail

The lyrical sound better than a lute
Even when the conditions don't suit
This life, the gold, the ...

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Surreal Reality

Remorse and regret are things we feel
Anger and rage are things we conceal
The shadow of doubt runs around loose
To some no better than a hanging noose

A crashing waterfall of questions
With vague answers in its wake
The waves of why that swallow the shores
The bad thoughts we cannot shake

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