anonymous californian Poems

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Every night I go outside to see the moonlit snow,
although I seem to stare at her I seldom see her grow.
For when the growing happens I have drifted fast asleep,
I never know exactly when for she makes not a peep.

Untuned Hearts

My thoughts are slightly out of tune,
for when I cry I think of you,
With blue eyes piercing through my soul,
intrusive thoughts start taking tolls.

Bleak Ideals

I see the way you look at her,
now in your mind I'm just a blur.
I hear your laughter down the halls,
while staring at your old missed calls.

Doting Bliss, You Are My Light

Your gaze that I had met for the first time had made me fall,
Out of things I thought of how new love makes people act at all.

Under stars my stomach crawled and I was sickened then with fright,

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