LongLive BrokenHeart

LongLive BrokenHeart Poems

1. I Love Her 5/8/2012
2. I Love Him 5/8/2012
3. Your Engraved In Me 5/12/2012
4. For The Hero's 5/14/2012
5. I Left You, Wrong 5/15/2012
6. No Beauty 5/20/2012
7. Monster 5/20/2012
8. Last Mark 5/20/2012
9. Create You'R Own Life 5/20/2012
10. Memory Of Brandon Ford 6/1/2012
11. Free To Be 6/18/2012
12. Who Cried Harder? 6/18/2012
13. Caged Love 6/18/2012
14. Bloody Past 6/27/2012
15. Truth 8/28/2012
16. If 9/13/2012
17. Love Me 4/20/2012
18. Dangerous Game 4/28/2012
19. My World 5/1/2012
20. Love Me If You Dare 5/5/2012
21. The True Me 5/5/2012
22. Am I Right 5/5/2012
23. Say I Won'T 5/5/2012
24. Thank You 5/5/2012
25. How? 12/7/2012
26. New Friends 2/9/2013
27. Nothing Stopping You 4/3/2013
28. Limits 4/3/2013
29. Country Girl 8/29/2013
30. Strong 11/24/2014
31. Hes The One For Me 4/20/2012
32. Here I Go Again 4/20/2012
33. Why Am I Here? 5/7/2012
34. Think Twice 5/5/2012
35. You Told Me No 10/5/2012

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You Told Me No

You told me no,
I said yes.
You said don't do it,
But I went ahead.
You tried to help me.
But you got in the way.
No need for me.
You tried to wrap me with your love,
But no use I was to cold.
You told me no, don't do it.
But I said 'what's the point of me here any ways? '
You said to 'brighten up my day.'
I said 'what light do you see? '
You said 'a light so deep, that only one person can see.'
I asked 'who is that one person that can see this light? '
You looked up, smile, walked over to me,
You wrapped me in your arms,
And whisper in ...

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Love Me

I love him for making me feel like I'm not only one.
Who would stand by me for all my life, loving me.
He show me that im loved.
He make me laugh no matter where we are.
He find my weakness and covers them.
He finds my strength and shows them.
He would save me from a bolt of lighting.
No matter where i am, he would save me.
And when im lost in the crazy world, hes right my side helping along the way

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