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Its been a year now, dear father
since the day you left us here,
and yet somehow we feel that
you are just around, close and near.

Even this world run out of paper
gladly forever i will write.

Even this world run out of pen

I found fondness
through old
and old talks.
Whey they talk

Some familiar pasts
does really happen and flashedback.
I know i have saw that,
And in the same place, time and act.

In times of our death
we must not fear
for it is the gods way
to rebirth us

He was young at start
but he sailed careful and clever
and his sailing was likely
to the old sailor man.

How does one keep a job-like stance
through all the pain,
the endless sighs, the helplessness?

The silence after a frenzied riot,
After a terrible shooting fray,
After the noise of neighbors quarrel,
After a furious, explosive day...

I have been washed
by my own tears
under the sunlight rays.

The warmth of your breath
Still clasp to my heart
And I'm my past.
It keeps holding the tears

Its touches my lips
and walk through my tounge,
Make it self seen
with the help of my pen

I am a slave of art
Cause it was madin by the gods.
It truely awakened
Those who are in clouds

Let me be the past
each you have treasured
who will keep on flashingback.

Do not weep my love
you will always be in my heart.
do not call
do not knock

While walking thru the woods,
I enjoy the coolness of summer breeze.
but from nowhere
I suddenly heard a melody,

listen my love,
my heart has a song.
it beats so kind
and a faithful tune.

When useful things are wasted
and are not wisely used,
I feel that god's abundance
is wantonly abused.

Of all the smart bosses,
I ever did see;
This one is the smartest,
By far to me.

When pain becomes
i just close my eyes
and hold my breath

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My Father

Its been a year now, dear father
since the day you left us here,
and yet somehow we feel that
you are just around, close and near.

Mother keeps your bag in the closet
she dust it every now and then;
the letters you wrote,
she never gets tired of reading
again and again.

The brushes you used,
the woods you used to paint,
the cigarettes filter that you have
left in the ashtray,
full of paint shirt you used to wear,
They are all just around
like you are just sitting somewhere in the house
Just like the old times.

I dont remember much about you.
You left when i was small,
small enought
that even the way you looked,
I simply cannot recall.

I never saw you in flesh
and i never heard your voice;
I never experience urging you
to buy me a toy.

You didnt live to see me crawl,
How i learn to sit and walk,
you never got the sweet confution
of listening to my baby talk.

But mother tells me how great you were,
How warm and loving you have been,
that though our days with you were few,
Priceless and dear, they'lle always mean.

When future friend shall ask about you,
i shall lead them to our wall,
were hang the pictures of a man
whos handsome, fair and tall.

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Asia Villaflor 08 November 2018

Thank you so much Subhas Chandra Chakra😍😍😍

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 04 March 2018

You are a poet who can teach the world the essence and importance that a father has for the kid. I loved your poem so much. Keep writing. Thanks Diaz.

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Lotlot Diaz Quotes

those who spoke late, those who are potentialy genius.

if you know making fire you know stoping it. But if the fire is huge as life you must know no killing.

Think of it and it will happen.

Why walk if you can run, But why run if you can fly.

while past is keep on flashingbacks its sadness the future will keep on making surprises for you.

Dont you ever vow to the problems, let the problems vow to you.

What we can bring with us through our death is what we have called the real wealth.

Nature doesn't need us, But we need the nature.

Fulfilled Are those who are in silence.

walking wet is cold but to walk alone is the most cold of all.

taking no for an answer is acceptance.

messing around will end up you by crying.

learn how to listen to your ears so your ears will learn to listen to you.

distiny doesn't give us any choice through each challenges in our life, all we have to do is to get thru with it.

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