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Bags bagged, filled hall shown
Roamed mind realized neither delighted nor miserable
Heavy heart not prepared to depart
Unstable mind hard-pressed towards belongings

FB unknown, people connected without connectively.
The bank, unfilled lockers with filled accounts.
An account owned, to reinforce my ground of friends.
A bell, notification dragged my vision sturdily.

Alert received in mobile, attention drawn
The colourful light displayed "Samuel"
Mind expedited around and looked for cause of call
Puzzled mind minded the phone,

Conjoined agony be the best part of mine
Experienced the double sided existence of circumstance
Unfastened dad, unbolt the way of glad
Yes... That's She, baptized as Michael, unconfined the beat

Dr. Lourdes Vijayan R Biography

Dr. Lourdes Vijayan R was born on 21st Dec 1989 in Idinthakarai, Tirunelveli, India. He has authored few national and international articles. All his education was completed under Jesuits institutions. He has travelled around the African countries to conduct a field work for his Ph.D. research. He is the reviewer of the journal African Studies Review, granted by Cambridge core. His teaching service commenced from St. Xavier's College (Autonomous) , Palayamkottai, India and served as a Vice Principal in DMI - St. Eugene University, Zambia. He has visited Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya for delivering the seminars. He joined as an Assistant Professor of English in Chandigarh University. Currently, He is an Assistant Professor at XIM University, Odisha. His passion is to write poems and novels.

The Best Poem Of Dr. Lourdes Vijayan R

Departed Voyage

Bags bagged, filled hall shown
Roamed mind realized neither delighted nor miserable
Heavy heart not prepared to depart
Unstable mind hard-pressed towards belongings
Bags packed, filled hall shown

Delightfulness grasped but hidden distressed Michael found
Unable to disclose and agonizing heart pain
Smiling lips of her with suppurate countenance
Supplications aroused to unmoveable heart of mine
Bags packed, filled hall shown

Accomplished time looked unmoveable legs
Mind stroke to fetch her, dilemma heart stopped
Feeble voice by Michael ‘Let's move to worship'
Unease dwell in, four legs stepped forth with carrying two legs
Bags packed, filled hall shown

Unfastened Lourdes Church opened gateway
The pleasurable feel engaged, the ambience greeted
The smiling face with optimistic St. Lourdes optimistically gestured
Enlightened me figured out the blessings extended
Blessed mother showered, prayer continued
Bags packed, filled hall shown

Moving Michael stepped forth unwillingly
Might noted the time left, untired legs of her fought each other
Unwilling one unmoved another
The destination arrived, Holy cross church accomplished
Plenty of stains found at the legs of our saviour
Felt one of mine, smiling face outwardly established cogently
Bags packed, filled hall shown

Arrival of home increased the beat inside the stored heart
Broken mom with wept eyes, closed mouth, watery eyes opened on sofa
Heartfelt little consolement, might be a symbol of good son,
Missing me ended her with watery eyes
Endeavoured to stop but felt mine too dispatching
Mouth soothed but heart suppurated
Discovered lamenting mother on sofa and moaning Michael on my accustomed seat
Bags packed, filled hall shown.

A distracted horn collected my awareness
Gifted brain realized the reality of time
Not the same vehicle, hear anticipated, truth could be hidden
Yes, Its mine, Yes, for me
Soothed Michael by the fact but illiterate mother could not
Bags packed, filled hall shown

As usual hospitality established, recognized plenty of snacks arranged
Longing stomach intuited but sorrowful mind refuted
Decision made, blessings collected, acceptance agreed - Mother & Father in laws
The road expedition commenced, unmoving heart left behind - Reayan
Bit happiness transpired, 'earning will be my side'
Bags packed, filled hall shown

Breeze pierced, vehicle flown to Terminal 2
Bewilderment inhabited, misdirected map devoured my emotional time
Puzzled driver toured, annoying mind provoked
On time accomplished, incorrect address contacted
Bags packed, filled hall shown

Anxiety dominated supplications raised
Unfortunate driver with poor attentiveness kissed vehicle behind
The location crowded and apology established
Few agreed but man of damaged vehicle opposed
Clapped hand palms conjoined, acceptance of apology delivered
Bags packed, filled hall shown

Clock attended 7.45 pm, No time found for emotional sharing
Melting heart stopped but money minded brain moved
Brainless driver be occupied with accident occurred
Incapable to mind my mind psychologically and physically
Bags packed, filled hall shown

Luggage measured, immeasurable asset waited
Resting seat found, light body realized the departure
Asset Michael replaced by Michael alone
Bewildered mind asked 'how gonna to take care myself'
Michael, leave you here but bagged your soul
Be scrupulous; take care of our soul Reayan
You are the best best best.... Miss you Michael...

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