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Oh all the kinds of cupcakes,
Filled with sugar and sweet.
They're all sorts of flavors,
And my favorite treat.

Think about music,
It's a very beautiful thing.
It can fill you with emotions,
And make you want to sing.

Buttons and zippers,
Meant to lock you away.
Keep you shut up,
With nothing to say.

I'm a flower with crimson petals.
They bask in the sunlight,
And shine a vibrant red.
People stop to admire me,

The Carnival is fun,
I really like the Ringmaster's son.
The boy's quite a catch,
Anything he threw I'd fetch.

I sit by the poppies,
Staring into a green pool.
I hear the wind blowing,
The breeze is quite cool.

The icecube does freeze.
It stings like the many thousands of bees.
Oh how it burns thine hand of mine,

She's truely blossomed,
Into a beautiful flower.
The fire in her eyes,
Is meant to devour.

You're Bittersweet,
You know that?
Like chocolate on my tongue.

Love is only for losers,
Love isn't playing nice.
Love is only for rulebreakers,
Love cheats it's way into life.


White like the moons wax and wane,
Silver like the drops of rain.
Gold like my pretty new find,
Green like a watermellons rine.


Today's just a Tuesday,
It'd be more if you felt the same.
My crush growing steadily more difficult to hide.


I pace up and down,
I walk all around,
I crack knuckles and stomp on the floor.
I scream and holler,

I turned to find him,
Staring at me.
Seeing through things,
That you can't see.


Purple is the color of love,
Purple is the color I dream of.
Purple is the color of passion,
Purple is the latest fashion.

Life would be easier,
If only I were a robot.
I could turn myself off,
When I didn't want to think.

'And this too shall pass',
'Tis my favorite saying,
Though I'm starting to believe it's but a lie.
Because still the sea churns.

The whirlpool sloshed,
And down drown the world,
All lost in a whirlpool of water.
A great catastrophy of deadly noise,

If only I could evanesce from reality,
And fall into a slumber no force could wake me up from.
So I could dream aoftly and tenderly
Of gossamer clouds above slender Eucalyptus trees,

Luna Moon Biography

My name is Luna, and I love music. It's my whole life. But with loving music, I came to love words. I so often sit in my room with the radio turned all the way up and let words just drip from my pen. I never thought I was much of a poet, until I tried to write some. Now I can't stop. Poetry is like a drug to me now, I'll always keep it with me. I hope everyone enjoys reading my poems as much as I enjoyed writing them. Thank you.)

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Oh all the kinds of cupcakes,
Filled with sugar and sweet.
They're all sorts of flavors,
And my favorite treat.
Strawberry and vanilla,
Chocolate and peanut-butter.
They're all so delicious,
I have to have another.
But I must resist,
For if I don't there will be trouble.
But try as hard as I might,
They're all so yummy and loveable! ! !

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