Madam Anonymous Poems

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X End Of Life

When in midnight of life
What will you see?
Did you use your abilities
To be the person you wanted to be?


Ceaseless tenderness, beauty and grace
Is your name
The chaotic world is held firm and steady

Feminine Mystique

Curls of golden hair streaming down oval face
Venus daintily ascended the shining sea
On a delicate oyster shellacked with lace

3 Husbands

Numero Un:

To have and to hold,
A Midas,


Sex is the source of life, pulsating with vigor
Sex is the culmination of life, sleeping in peace
Sex is the breath of life, the driving force
Sex is the desire of life, hunger ever increased

Top Of The World: New York

Perched atop the Universe’s cutting edge
Beckoning dizzying heights at tethering ledge
Nestled between vast ocean and rivers
A human eruption of energetic quiver

Worthy Goals

To generate and keep honest money
To smile everyday in life’s journey

To work hard to laugh and enjoy

A Declaration Of Independence

Give me a mighty, world pivoting lever
Watch me do it with a possessed fever

Don’t shackle me with rules shallow

Xx An Ode To A Genius

She lives
To pour herself, every last thought
To spend herself so
Because that is all she knows.

Paradise Road

This poem captures a real life event from the 1997 movie ‘Paradise Road’. A group of English/Dutch women survived the atrocities in a Japanese camp in Sumatra, during World War II, by forming a vocal orchestra (not choir) . They presented over 30 classical compositions during 3 years of their captivity.

The purple haze settled over the mangroves,
The singing cricket came out in droves,

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