Feminine Mystique Poem by Madam Anonymous

Feminine Mystique

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Curls of golden hair streaming down oval face
Venus daintily ascended the shining sea
On a delicate oyster shellacked with lace

Rode Lady Godiva on a white stallion
In pure fearless naked beauty
Against injustice making the call clarion

She may be as she deigns
Eve, the child of heaven
Born for a self reliant reign

Love and softness radiate her visage
Or firmness and strength are her backbone
As need arises, she may reflect the required mirage

She gazes into your eyes during ecstasy
Or creates a pseudo world
Around an irrational fantasy

Readily she will submit to her master
Or like a Phoenix rise from the ashes
In fiery deathly disaster

Meekly she will sob on your shoulder
Or effortlessly rappel off a cliff
And revel in her adventurous side bolder

Matronly she births with stoic pain
Or with razor sharpness
Lead corporations to a worldly gain

Her qualities and visions are many
As are her moods and the forms she personifies
This is the Feminine Mystique

Paolo Giuseppe Mazzarello 26 August 2009

The last line of Goethe's Faust is about the eternal feminine that push up us. Here we have an actual Lady Godiva and a female submitted character. The idea of this poem is rich.

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Patrick McFarland 26 August 2009

What it means to be a woman expressed in powerful, beautiful language and imagery. Very nice MA.

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Carl Harris 26 August 2009

This is a wonderful and all-encompassing poem of the many facets of a woman in today's world, Madame Annonymous. It is quite well written and very expressive. It was a treat to read such a beautiful poem as this. Carl.

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Ency Bearis 26 August 2009

great descriptive write with wonderful imagery well presented in poetic rendition.... nice to read........10

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Kainwo Moses 03 September 2009

Feminine mystique indeed! But who can present the generic feminine to the world other than an eighty-nineyear old? MA, your persona is truly paradoxical: she is strong and soft, undefeated by the spell of ashes, and qualifies as the ultimate definition of human beauty. I will vote you 10+. Thank you-I must read more of you.

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Steven S 26 August 2009

Bravo... what a great tribute to womanhood.

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Lynn Glover 26 August 2009

A very mystique poem. Good Write Lynn

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C. P. Sharma 26 August 2009

MA. This is an amazing poem on woman power depicting all aspects of her. Kind in love, Deadly in war; Milk in breast, She is a star. All birth pangs In love she bears, In anger and hate Blood bowl wears. She is not frail, Heavenly powers trail. CP

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Michael Moorcroft 26 August 2009

Very well written and some powerful imagery.10+++

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