Top Of The World: New York Poem by Madam Anonymous

Top Of The World: New York

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Perched atop the Universe’s cutting edge
Beckoning dizzying heights at tethering ledge
Nestled between vast ocean and rivers
A human eruption of energetic quiver
A celestial cathedral of everything manmade
Entrenched nobly by liberty and trade
A thirst for bettering life made it such
Of sophisticated minds with the Midas touch
They challenged the ordinary by standards high
Willingly fulfilled aggressive demands to live by
Created giant industries of publishing and fashion
Were consumed by virtuous money making passion
They danced on filigreed monuments soaring the sky
Their entrepreneurial aspirations reached mile high
A city with mysterious teeming bowels of earth
Where wine flows in bathtubs, ermine rugs decorate the hearth
It wields the galactic sword of mighty power
Blazing trail for other Garden of Eden’s to tower

New York, shelter me in your golden harbor
Shower me in your delicate blossomed arbor
I will gladly pay the price for your decadence
Liberate me with body’s luxuries and mind’s opulence

Carol Gall 17 May 2009

new york is a fantastic place you tell it so well 10

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Lee Crowell 16 May 2009

Madam you chose the topic of my favorite city. Anyone who glorifies its virtues is a friend of mine, I don't care if you're 89 or 99.

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Sandra Martyres 08 May 2009

Yes indeed New York is the capital of the world most rich and powerful....nice write

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Joseph Poewhit 08 May 2009

True - one rich city

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Alison Cassidy 31 May 2009

You share a wealth of information in this effusive description of New York and the first few lines are very well penned. I think though some of the poem could be cut, particularly those lines in which you have used rhyme for rhyme's sake rather than as a device to enhance the description. 'Willingly fulfilled aggressive demands to live by' is an example of a rather clumsily constructed rhyme, as is 'Blazing trail for other Garden of Eden’s to tower.' Sometimes it is preferable to cut a few lines rather than pad out the poem with indifferent rhyming and/or poor meter. Your second stanza is much better than the first and would stand alone rather well, I do believe. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Joseph Poewhit 18 May 2009

Cities are cities the hub of trade. Though New York does a flavor of it's own. From the Dutch colony to today.

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Carl Harris 17 May 2009

Though this is a very well written and expressed poem about New York City, M. A., I personally am not a fan of that city, coming myself from the deep Southern part of New Jersey, about 100 miles or so from that foreign city. It is unique, I will grant that, but who would want to live there? A thousand or more people on it's streets will walk by body, alive or dead, lying on the side walk without the courtesy of trying to help or calling a cop. All NYC does is represent the worst of what this fine country is, despite it's grand facade. Still, your poem is a very good one, lauding what O. Henry once called the Soddom and Gomorrah of the world. Carl.

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Louis Rams 17 May 2009

an excellent write. a ten

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Marilyn Lott 17 May 2009

You describe the essence of New York so well. It is vibrant and exciting and you did a great job with your poem. A '10! ' Best Wishes, Marilyn

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Madam Anonymous

Center of Universe: New York City
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