Until Now (I Love You) Poem by Maia Padua

Until Now (I Love You)

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You came into my life
When I was so young
You witnessed my growing up
Shared my innocence
I love you without pretense.

You occupied my mind
You conquered my heart
Every second, every minute
Every hour, everyday of my life
I am with you, you are with me
Together we spend night and day.

I can not leave you, I know
You color my world, you completed my life.
They may call me a fool,
But you are a part of me,
Together we will always be.

We cried together when I felt so lonely
You smile with me when I am happy
You bear with me in my sleepless nights
Dream with you in our own plight
Together we faced the joy and sorrow
Promised to build our bright tomorrow.

I cherish those moments I spent with you
Laughter and tears we shared together
Life without you is meaningless and bitter
No one can ever take you away from me
We'll die in each others arms and our memory
I have loved you
Until now I LOVE YOU, my dear POETRY!

Until Now (I Love You)
Sunday, February 8, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 06 January 2013

I really wondered when I was reading this poem, who this guy could be, at last and as usual it has turned out to be something else. I enjoyed reading this poem as many of our INNOCENT Indian women, who prostrate in front of their husband every morning, can easily relate with the poem, except for the last line! well done! Maria Padua!

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Krishna Kumar 06 January 2013

nice ending..just loved it..well done

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Valerie Dohren 06 January 2013

A beautiful poem Maia, and a lovely tribute to poetry.

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Kalpak Kaplash 06 January 2013

Beautiful poem expressing love with poetry which we all feel somewhere down within.....loved this writing Maia..! ! ! !

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Alistair Graham 06 January 2014

I KNOW I know the crease beneath your eyes I know your lips your brow your chin I know the hair that clothes your head I know the surface of your skin I know the rhythm of your breath I know your movements when you sleep I know the moment you awake I know the promise I will keep I know when you cast off the world I know when sorrow's at your door I know when secret tears you shed I know my power to restore I know the verse birds sing at dawn I know the setting of the sun I know the light cast by the moon I know my pure love is legion

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Such a beautiful and endearing ode to poetry, most rare. I have read a similar ode to poetry by Malayalam Poet, late Changampuzha Krishna Pillai.

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Hannington Mumo 18 November 2021

Wow! This is such an expertly woven piece like no other...betraying sweetly romantic prejudices until the last line drops the bombshell. Your immense penchant for nifty poetry somewhat closely rivals mine...Kudos!

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Dr. Antony Theodore 31 December 2020

I love you my poetic spirit who came to me early in my life

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Dr. Antony Theodore 31 December 2020

You occupied my mind You conquered my heart Every second, every minute Every hour, everyday of my life.

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Sarah Shahzad 23 December 2019

This is a very well written poem. I really appreciate it. :)

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