Maja Dezulovic

Maja Dezulovic Poems

1. New Year's Eve 4/4/2014
2. The Older I Get 9/24/2015
3. A Mother's Touch 9/24/2015
4. Black Is The Colour Of My Fury 9/24/2015
5. Burn Out 9/24/2015
6. When Worlds Collide 9/24/2015
7. I Gave Away All Them Pills 9/24/2015
8. If Only My Mind Were Numb 9/24/2015
9. Too Bad, So Sad 9/24/2015
10. If Music Died 9/24/2015
11. Steel-Framed Sadness 10/31/2015
12. Life's Too Short To Give A Damn 10/31/2015
13. Borderline Madness 10/31/2015
14. Dream Life 11/14/2015
15. Getting Started 11/14/2015
16. Time Goes On 11/14/2015
17. I’ve No Time For Drama 11/21/2015
18. Sunday Evening's Song 6/13/2016
19. Blue Daisies And Purple Grass 8/28/2016
20. Welcome Back My Love 8/28/2016
21. I Died Here 8/29/2016
22. Temptation Half-Island 8/29/2016
23. People 3/6/2014
24. The Rain Has Gone 3/6/2014
25. For Best Imagery, Close Eyes, Imagine And Ask Someone To Read To You Imaginatively 3/25/2014
26. You Don'T Have To Leave When The Sun Sets 3/25/2014
27. These Words Came From The Heart 3/26/2014
28. Hibidy Hibidy 3/26/2014
29. A Tea Party With The Looney Tunes 3/25/2014
30. Writer's Block 3/27/2014
31. Lazy Days 4/2/2014
32. The Bath Water Is Running 4/2/2014
33. Take It To The River 4/2/2014
34. A Poem A Day To Keep Insanity Away 4/3/2014
35. Major, We Have A Problem 3/8/2014
36. River Dancing On The River Styx 4/3/2014
37. If Spiders Had Wings 3/6/2014
38. Just Dance! 3/27/2014

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Best Poem of Maja Dezulovic

Just Dance!

Anything can be danced to.
You can jive and sing.
And groove to all the joys life has to bring!

The cockroaches on the floor
And a smile that came with a handsome donation
To the poor.

Everything deserves a delightful tap dance.
Perhaps they’ll think you’re crazy
But I say they’re all boring and lame
So take the chance.

Begin that hippidy hop.
Start the jazz.
A fun way to health
Adding that little bit of pizzazz.
Perhaps you’ll also gain some balance
And improve your stealth.

And, tell me: ...

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We're all just people.
Everything you can do
I can do
All that I do
You can do too.

We're all just people
The self-made billionaire

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