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Mal Sharp Poems

1. Here I Am Again 8/31/2013
2. There's No Way Back 9/21/2013
3. Heart's Key 9/21/2013
4. All About Survival 9/24/2013
5. The Truth Will Set You Free 9/24/2013
6. Fear 9/24/2013
7. I Hate 9/24/2013
8. I Close My Eyes 9/24/2013
9. Where To Start 9/24/2013
10. Who You Are 9/24/2013
11. I Watch 9/24/2013
12. Words 4/9/2012
13. One For My Parents 4/26/2013
14. I Once Followed A Rainbow 4/26/2013
15. Loving You 4/26/2013
16. Day Dream 4/26/2013
17. This Heart Of Mine 4/26/2013
18. Death 9/29/2013
19. Emotion 11/13/2013
20. One Window Of Time 11/13/2013
21. Stealing My Youth 11/14/2013
22. How Easier It Would Be 2/4/2014
23. False Defections 2/11/2014
24. Tomorrow's To Late 2/15/2014
25. The Harm I Had Done 2/15/2014
26. Nightmare 2/25/2014
27. I Walk Alone 3/9/2014
28. The Time Has Come 3/18/2014
29. How Do You? 4/21/2014
30. We'Re All Human 6/16/2014
31. The Labels Of Man 12/17/2014
32. Soon Be Your Day 12/30/2014
33. Who You Truly Are 5/19/2015
34. I'M Not... 5/19/2015
35. Ancestral Kin 5/23/2015
36. Only For The Kings 9/22/2015
37. The Promise I Made To Thee. 8/26/2013
38. 'Life Isn'T Fair...' 7/10/2013
39. I Am An Atheist (Acrostic) 9/28/2013
40. Humanities Greatest Weakness 1/31/2014

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Best Poem of Mal Sharp

A Day Will Come

A day will come when I will die,
I won't want you to sit and cry.
I want instead from all, a smile,
Ignore the fixed funeral style.
Don't speak of heaven or of god,
I've always thought them rather odd.
Don't enter the church, go outside,
To the place, where I will now reside.
Funerals are always taxing,
I'd rather you be relaxing.
So don't let grief stand in your way,
Please, if only for this one day.
Rejoice for my life, not death,
I loved you all with every breath.

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One For My Parents

My mum taught me how to read and write,
She showed me how to love and live.
My father taught me my wrong from right,
He showed me how to hope and give.

I think myself lucky to have them both,
Within my life and within my heart.
They have been there for my entire growth,
They will be there till the day we part.

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