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1. Solitude 10/25/2012
2. Childhood 10/25/2012
3. Morning 10/25/2012
4. Life-Thy Name Is To Move Forward 10/26/2012
5. Port Blair 9/16/2013
6. Songs Of Life 10/29/2013
7. Steps 3/21/2014
8. Me And Your Stoic Silence 10/12/2017
9. Everything Vanished 10/13/2017
10. Compiains 10/14/2017
11. Possibility 10/21/2017
12. Companions 10/22/2017
13. Happiness 8/14/2013
14. Rhythm 3/26/2018
15. Pauper -new- 4/13/2018
16. On The Other Side Of My Boundary Wall 1/31/2018
17. Salvation 10/17/2017
18. The Old Tree 11/6/2012
19. Nothing Is Ours 8/13/2013
20. You May Sleep Now 10/9/2017
21. My Children Are Grown Up 8/15/2013
22. Oh Sky! I Need You 3/17/2018
23. Move, Move And Move 3/20/2018
24. Where Is Truth? 3/24/2018
25. A Bridge Is Required 10/10/2017

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A Bridge Is Required

Birth and Death-
-two eternal truth of the Universe
Amidst them there is a big vacuum
recognized as Life.
Some has too small a life
whereas some has to pass a very long one.
Whether it is small or big
matters not much
What actually matter is to pass it.
for which a bridge is required.

For starting this great journey
Everybody has to put their first step
on this bridge as a child,
carrying with him
two big baskets of hopes and dreams.
Gradually during the journey
sorrow and despair entered the basket
making it heavier.
All have to ...

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Oh Sky! I Need You

In a closed, cracked room
while sleeping on a deranged bed
and striving hard for inhaling fresh air
Look at my audacity
I was eager to touch the sky
by stretching my hand as long as I can
Oh! If I can touch it only once-
Then my fate would have been changed to something different
My half dead soul would have revive again

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