Mandira Mitra

Mandira Mitra Poems

1. Oedipus, Oedipus 4/26/2006
2. God Is An Autocrat 5/2/2006
3. Once Upon A Time And Love 5/3/2006
4. Whodunnit? 4/18/2006
5. Mirik,2004 4/21/2006
6. A Dissertation On Dissertations 5/10/2006
7. Honeymoon Homophones 5/17/2006
8. Lady With The Broom 5/19/2006
9. Regressus Ad Uterum 8/12/2006
10. Inflammability 12/1/2006
11. Dreams Come True 12/4/2006
12. Halloween 12/8/2006
13. Gather Ye Atoms While Ye May 12/14/2006
14. Strangers At My Door 4/8/2007
15. Plus Ca Change 9/22/2006
16. No Change Of Address 4/27/2007
17. Keep The Change 12/30/2009
18. I Know I Know I Have 1/1/2010
19. Nel Passare` 5/14/2007
20. Unburdening At Cafe Thirteen Thousand 11/13/2009
21. Philomel's Song 10/22/2015
22. Passive Aggressive 10/23/2015
23. How I Avoid Insomnia 4/17/2011
24. Over And Out 4/25/2006
25. Yet Another Shower 5/8/2007
26. Deceased Intestate 4/24/2006
27. Activating Search Mode 123... 5/5/2006
28. Mahalaya 9/21/2006
29. Monsoon At Prantik Asylum 7/15/2006
30. Old Wives' Tales 12/24/2009
31. Geometry At Thirty Nine 4/16/2007
32. Kitchen Garden 5/18/2006
33. Divorce 2 8/3/2006
34. Equinox Girl 9/24/2006
35. Rome. Painting The Sistine Chapel. 5/7/2006
36. Divorce 1 8/3/2006
37. How Do I Hate Thee? Let Me Count The Ways 4/18/2006

Comments about Mandira Mitra

  • Syed Ali Sagar (9/24/2006 3:18:00 AM)

    Well Done Mandira,
    Feel the Sensation of movement in meaning.Is the strain with your pen or thoughts.while reading the poemThe word of Sun crosses the plane of the(earth's) readers equator.Is your reality day and shadow night are of equal length while you write this one.
    Syed Ali Sagar

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  • Syed Ali Sagar (9/24/2006 3:09:00 AM)

    Well done MANDIRA,
    The sensation of movement in meaning.Natural strain is with your pen or Thought? . Word of Sun crosses the readers equator.
    Is your reality of day and shadow of night are of equal length.....M.Mitra.
    -Syed Ali Sagar

Best Poem of Mandira Mitra

How Do I Hate Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways:
I hate you like the early winter six o clock alarm
I hate you like Black coffee that forgot to stay warm.
I hate you like a surprise test on Compound Interest
An interruption to my Saturday night or an unwelcome guest.
I hate you like I hate Mama, when she asks me who called and why
I hate you like the waiter who says, ”Coming! ” and takes all eternity.
I hate you like the Summer Sun shining on me with a vengeance
I hate you like an offensive mail that offends me and says “No Offence! ”
I hate you like I hate a scrub, ...

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Oedipus, Oedipus

Why are you so young Mama?
And why was Papa so old?
“But we were in love, Beta,
Imprudent and bold.”

Then why did Papa go away Mama?
It was not his age to die.
Why cant I, like them at school
Have a family?

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