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A Prayer To Mother Nature.

Beloved mother nature full of purity,

I dumbfound the sun, I fill our world with grace
You embaresses the trash can, You're source of shame.
I am great and wonderful, I live to gain.
You're the worst... I know, I know you lost again!

The more I get, the more I require.
Everything isn't enough, cause my desire
Becomes greater
My needs arrive faster

Less and less time to live.
Less and less idols to believe.
Less and less smiles to give.

I-) Kill 'Carpe Diem'

I Undress myself of my filthy sobriety.
'Carpe Diem' is a soft lie that brings seconds of peace.

Walking lonely by the city,
memories hurt him inside.
He sees the world with pity.
Living within a disguise,

Crowds of friends and facilities,
A mad park to break free all my violences.
Catalog of options and thousand liberties,
A child without shadows of parents' consciences.

I see a open road before my eyes, countless possibilities.
I am free, but what do I do with my liberty?
Career, vitual life, return to nature... Where are facilities?
I am autonomous, however I feel a great insecurity.

Is there something more
than don't know where your memory
has guided your story?

Her blue eyes are like a calm river,
her dazzling lips intoxicate my reason.
I'm her silent believer.
My wet dreams destroy me with kisses and treason.

Binary number system, we mean zero and one
We will leave it behind, we will leave it alone.
All literature will be kept into a DNA's code
Our upcoming digital architecture needs an ode.

Hot breeze and anxiety.
Destroyed toys are everywhere.
We see children holding guns, but we don't care.
They live as blind messiahs of liberty.

I am waiting for something impossible to foresee.
Here and now is something possible to feel, no to see.
Previous days are puzzles from our remembrances.
Past, present and future, they're three linked faces.

Where is your doll, your toy car, or your action figure?
"I put away his toys, he grew up faster
than I thought. Now, he needs another form of pleasure."
where is your toy blocks, puzzle, or memory game?

I'm the next lamb of your sacrifice
I know, you will destroy my security...
I know, you will stomp my sanity...
I know how the devil rolls his dice…

"Let me take you there,
where you may feel the sun.
Come with me to somewhere,
where you'll have daily fun.

Today is all that you have
'cos time will fly again.

There is nothing to gain

I can't reach this holy land
that is your body,
My beloved mistress.
Endless stress

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A Prayer To Mother Nature.

A Prayer To Mother Nature.

Beloved mother nature full of purity,
Fill my soul
With the sweetest serenity.

Embrace my body so little and poor,
Embrace my heart so weak,
Lead my spirit to a new door.

Beloved mother nature,
Feed my existence with your light.
Beloved mother nature,
Feed my essence with your might.

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