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I saw your face on a raindrop
And we can be brothers
And we'll breath the same air
And we can be sisters

Trying to compose a poem!
But Gwen Stefani is singing
Hush hush darling in my sitting room
And my daughter likes her music

Heaven is a delicate petal to nurture
Hope should not be bereft of rain and vise-versa
Should you pluck heaven from it's place
For one tender moment?

I feel the motion of the sea
Pulling me where I long to be
It does not matter the time of year
Of Mother Nature I have no fear


I am your comfort zone
We cuddle up together
I like it when it rains
When it's windy

Last night when I went walking
It was past witching hour
I travelled many sprightly miles
But stopped to pick a flower


She was a curtain twitcher
In fact
She was a notorious curtain twitcher
An Ambulance sped past


Did you think leaving was better
Didn't you hear me call
You said you'd be back
I put my heart in your suitcase

The ogre has round beady eyes
Children beware do not stare
Or he'll gobble you up
quick as a flash

The moon never wanted to eclipse
It was just Venus up to her tricks
Big Bear was evolved
Another planet had revolved

A flea jumped off my cat one day
It bounced off my lap and ran away
But just before it went hop
I dismissed him with a karate chop.

What it would be like
To have water on tap
To know somebody who really cares
Just imagine


</>The sparks spat
From the center of the bomb fire
Forcing the wood to jostle
For a better position

Every morning you avoid my eyes
You'd rather read my posters
You'd rather read my posters
Study shoes

</>Down at the bottom of the garden
Where the bluebells grow
We've got wondrously special fairies
That we ever did really know

Again he saw her from across the street
On a balcony
Or maybe she saw him
Her glittering spangles like Eve's forbidden apple

You knew me once
A long time ago
But now your just a stranger
It wasn't my choice

</>Your Tee shirt red
Long sleeved
With a Christmas thought.
Your jeans blue

</>The eye in the kite is watching you
As it flies above the town
Don't try to hide
And never confide

The Best Poem Of Margaret Beil

We Can Be Raindrops

I saw your face on a raindrop
And we can be brothers
And we'll breath the same air
And we can be sisters
And we'll fly inside out
With the speed of a rainbow's flight
And we will be laughing
Because we will be sparkling bright
We are all raindrops
It's just a prism of the light.

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