Maria Barbara Korynt Poems

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(33) Warm Pieces - I Know What

I am outside the range
and very well
nobody will reach me
unless I am willing

A Passion

She is falling softly on the floor with thin muslin
Taken down nervously from shoulders.
As will o' the wisps on swamps
Hands turning white with glow of the moon


this dream is beginning in the street when at night
carefully I am looking at the more and more dark sky
and suddenly I see creatures some strange are flying
degenerated though similar to reptile-birds

A Fate

still sleep and dream,
before the first ray will wake you up.

let weakness and sadness leave you

A Warm Coolness

You are searching from the morning
for the oasis. It is only a mirage.
Don't delude yourself.
You didn't want to listen

A Bewitchment

depth of your eyes
attract me as the magnet
and I am drowning
in them

A Dream On The Run

here is many door. and you always
hit into my most. often when there is no me.
you are stopping. and you are entering.
in order after oneself to leave something.

A Brightnes

and there no pain...only the...BRIGHTNES

dying quietly in the morning

A Power Of Love

love isn't asking, when it is taking into the captivity.
love doesn't ask but it is forcing his way by force
then you have trouble when to sleep you cannot
you aren't sleeping after nights and you are mixing

A Short Poem On Goodnight.

Already sleep
and sweet dream


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