A Season For Bats - This Poem Is Dedicated For My Daughter Da Poem by Maria Barbara Korynt

A Season For Bats - This Poem Is Dedicated For My Daughter Da

Rating: 5.0

this dream is beginning in the street when at night
carefully I am looking at the more and more dark sky
and suddenly I see creatures some strange are flying
degenerated though similar to reptile-birds

there is a season starting from today, a strange man is saying,
of bats which, here are just arriving
I am looking with fear, when are landing on the pavement
it looks like the blooming lawn now with May

only there are completely different flowers here
abdomens from the thin cuticle slippery pale
they are a matter of concern - not harmless associations
and backs covered with shining feathers

black and are gleaming the same as shoes applied shoe polish to
one of them is trying already to attack me
kind of I was sentenced to the eternal penance
but my subconscious ordered me to plan

the one, entire slimy covered with thick glue
it wants to me probably to stick already forever
violently I am pushing out and I am making a success of it
the coating on my forearm is staying

of still shining of his black wing
this situation transfixed me and become repulsive
when with morning dawn then again I am looking into the mirror
into the window - I am pale, still empty street
Maria Barbara Korynt - Daga dream (from 09 IV/2009)

Dr Hitesh Sheth 09 April 2009

This real abominable bats and the repulsive bats of difficulties tries to stick to us forever...........but as one repels the bats one should reples the difficulties and not allow them to stick to our soul............Good Write..........

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ata khan 10 April 2009

Different Dark Beautiful imagery and though provoking A very good one

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William Stoneberger 10 April 2009

strange and beautiful...liked it...and thank you for your nice comments

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Eyan Desir 10 April 2009

Hey this was a Good read But this is a poem you need your poems to flow more........

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Kranthi Pothineni 10 April 2009

You painted it well in my mind. Nice one.

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Dagmara Anna 24 July 2009

This is very good poem. Very good work. Interesting and amazing.DA

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Eyan Desir 17 April 2009

I felt this was Interesting A story well told

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Hazem Al Jaber 13 April 2009

absolutely wonderful penned, , came within a warm feelings from a pure loving heart to whom a writer care about.. great my dear great poet.. hazem al..

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Greenwolfe 1962 12 April 2009

It may just be the use of the English language, but the writing of this is hard to read. It seems to go in starts and stops within sentences. There are places where the words fit together and places where they don't. This hurts the effect of the very descriptive language. This is a fair piece overall. GW62

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Chitra - 12 April 2009

Wonderful imagery filled with strong vibes

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