A Power Of Love Poem by Maria Barbara Korynt

A Power Of Love

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love isn't asking, when it is taking into the captivity.
love doesn't ask but it is forcing his way by force
then you have trouble when to sleep you cannot
you aren't sleeping after nights and you are mixing
the day up with the night

what you made it that you had been overcome by force
it difficult love, unavailable and the beauty
you can from it to escape but you don't have where
the obsessive thought is only tormenting you

in order to tame it so that she is nice
only for you every day more beautiful
it is a familiar truth, that in love power
what from it, that sometimes incomprehensible

important didn't miss us
unimportant even, when for it a time will pass...

Naseer Ahmed Nasir 21 March 2009

Very true. Love never asks or seeks permission. It just makes its way. A very wise and meaningful love poem. Regards Naseer

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Chitra - 22 March 2009

love and its subtle dimesions..well described..simply fell in love with this poem

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 04 April 2009

smooth and lively beautiful! it remind me of Chopin's Ballades! keep writing!

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 04 April 2009

A Love power is a soft power............not a hard power........Love is like a water in palm...........if you try to grasp it while closing you fist, it will escape..........Loves frees...............Good Write....10+++..........

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Dagmara Anna 31 March 2009

Beautiful and real. Ability of describing such feelings, is characteristic of your writing. Very much I like it and when I am reading opinions, it isn't only my admiration :) DA

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Naidz Ladia 24 March 2009

well, i will borrow again the wrds of hazem al jaber....am speechless to this poem...nice..cheers... naizz

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Hazem Al Jaber 22 March 2009

wow.. stunning one.. yes, , when its an honest love.. its knocks your door with no ask.. i love it.. thank you maria.. hazem..

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