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it is a shadow

of the tree
dark lighting


as I go up and down the stairs,
the rain stopped abruptly as if struck by lightning,
the breath of spring deflowers my lungs,
I see two eyes bathing in the outpouring of sounds,

I want to live in a world,
where I can smile,
I want to live in a world,
where I can cry,

like a wind that burns your chest
we did it again
we did it the same

in an even more distant land
where love is a devil eating chains
at a big banquet
hope, a hungry wolf admiring him with lust,

in the middle of the night, when you can't stand the light of the cross,
let the groan of your body caress the dreams of the water,
with the tears of your fruit, flood the earth when
your bleached lips untie the prayer of the mind,

i will not blind you,
and I will not strike you with my brightness,
if you want to find me
you will always find me in the same place, on its axis

I received a ticket to the land of never happened,
not knowing how to find its non-end
I flew until landed on an eyelid,
- you were standing still,


if we don't love now
fall on our knees, now


is the only woman who opens our eyes
so we can see life
under the furrow

I feel your shivers nestling inside me,
I feel the trace of your embrace, I want to cry
In the midst of old dreams, I wonder
And I don't wonder, I run, and I don't run,

it is the smallest thing on earth

smaller than an ant or a louse,
smaller than a fungus,


Once upon a time, on a Monday morning sun,
There was a blue wind in the west Rootabaga Country,

the dawn did not rise over the village,
- the dawn promised to wait for us,
and the garden,
beautiful garden

I was wondering today if something is wrong with me
if I'm normal

I am not a drinker,
today I am drunk with pain

fatigue is worse than death,

death doesn't want anything from you, on the contrary,
forgives you

the body of the world dies slowly under the blue sky,
- ants are also in competition with death,
they recycle their urine in plastic bags,
sunflower seeds chew their own shell,

I want your eyes,
I want them,
If I can't have your eyes,
Will, I ever have your ears,

your words sway in me
as in a hammock between two trees
embracing their roots
far away from the eyes of the world,

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The Best Poem Of Maria Mitea

The Child Of The Sun

it is a shadow

of the tree
dark lighting
at the zenith of the day, tasting
the sweat on man's forehead

the child of the sun
it is a shadow

of grass
opaque existence
angle of light
in the calmness of the earth

the child of the sun
it is a shadow, silently
following the man
to the water spring
in the valley of springs,

the mother sun
quenches its thirst
with the tears of the earth,

the child of the sun
it is a shadow

Maria Mitea Comments

john raymond v. 19 June 2022

i think we could be soul mates, i understand you, thankyou.

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Maria Mitea 19 June 2022

Hi John! Thank you for stopping by! I red your poetry and I understand you. : )

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Thomas Case 21 July 2021

Your poetry is brilliant.

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Maria Mitea 19 June 2022

THank you THomas! It means a lot to me your words of appreciation! I say about your poetry that is Touching Touching Touching. How is writing in the last month? Did you do more reading videos on youtube? : )

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