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Nocturnal Sailing

the wind in your dream
swells the curtains into a sail
tears asunder
all the things we have collected

Love crazy

She feeds me
wild cherries
until I rave

Wonder of the world

Someone has quietly placed the Eiffel Tower
in front of my window
as if it were child's play
the wonder of the world

Salamander Sleep

In the sun
the salamander slept
on a stone

The Renter's Dream

I'm not waiting
for the ceiling
to fall on my head
and stir up dust

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Mario Wirz ( 3. December 1956 in Marburg .30th May 2013 in Berlin ) was a German writer

Mario Wirz spent his childhood in the Frankenberg in Hesse . After completing his Abitur, he completed an apprenticeship as an actor in Berlin. There followed engagements at various theaters as an actor and director, a. At the Vagantenb├╝hne in Berlin and the ...

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