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Bored out of my mind
I search for a new hobby
I broke both my legs

I have what it takes
With the knowledge I have
I have what it takes
With the wisdom I have

We get amazed by the magic of the stars
Yet we ignore the magic performed within us

How inner body stays warm during winter

I had a plan
Yes, said my old man,
I said Amen.

I wish I could write something.
Something to speak to your soul,
The vivid reflection of your own
To remind you what you ignored.

Teacher, what have you done?
You fed me knowledge and I ate
And now we are casted outside
To this strange world, woe betide.

Reminder to remember

That in everything
In your goals and aims

In dark passage
Of my dusty head
Forgotten storage
Lays a rusty gift

Hey Ntsako Manhisa, Here.

I need someone to help me
write a letter to Tomorrow.

Take each hour at the time
A day as it comes
A month as it goes
A year as you grow

Endowed with an Angelic voice
She posse seraphim personality
Blessed with exotic beauty
I'm convinced, she's an angel

Damn, I saw a shooting star and I thought of you
The resemblance I saw on the twinkling stars
inspired me to name another after you

A dreamland, a land of fantasy
A convenient escape from what we see
Possibilities, endless as the sea
A pinnacle of ecstasy

The love of my life Is asleep.
Tell the world to be silent.
Let the crickets keep quiet.
Tell the bats n rats to rest.

Lets experiment with love injection.
Men should love, women submit.
I could describe it in simple diction
but I'll leave that to the Dickson's.

My body host diff'rent guests
Some I like, Some I hate
Some I know, some I don't
invited and invaded

I won't let anyone to my house
Cuz I'm afraid that thewalls might
Telltale to trespassers about
how I randomly lash out.

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A man with a simple diction)

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Random Thoughts

Bored out of my mind
I search for a new hobby
I broke both my legs

Writing a Haiku
Needs seventeen syllables
I am short with five

Timing is crucial
Being too late or too early
Can cause you trouble

No I don't believe
She wouldn't do that to me
She truly loves me

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Love is a beautiful thing That is described with ugly words

Be friends with your brains And you will never get bored a day in your life

When faith and trust breaks, love gets blamed.

I find being drunk and crying similar They only numb the pain but no solution.... that's why I indulge in either

I wish I could hear what they say behind my back. Not to argue with them but so I can laugh at the misconceptions they have about me

Anyone who claims to have seen beauty but haven't seen u, is a liar! 😍

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Ntsako Manhisa Popularity

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