Marvis Ayebor

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Marvis Ayebor Biography

25 years old Philosopher from Edo State, Benin City, Nigeria graduated from AAU, Ekpoma from faculty of Arts.

Marvis Ayebor Poems

Live And Die

Days are numbered
Should we be fine or sad?
Memories won't live for long
Only legacy talks forever

We Are Together

Though times, our biggest obstacle
Influenced by critics of our emotions
Arrested and dumped in the bin of our truthful lies
It's just me and you, why do we lie?

Great Nation Lost

Great Nation, fallen heroes
Like clean sheet with dirty pillows
Present worst than past
Can it be restored? , we ask

Beautiful Beast

Beautiful dark side of a beast
With stains of lies in it's beautiful lips
Handsome animal in human look
Beauty from afar but closer comes a hidden hook

Family Is Gold

Family is Gold

Yes, just that sometimes don't glitter at night
Family is everything

Marvis Ayebor Quotes

08 June 2021

Quote: Only our Author can write a book of our story ~ Marvis Ayebor ~

08 June 2021

The most beautiful object is the work of ones hand ~Marvis Ayebor~

08 July 2021

Quote: Joy wouldn't have be so special if it wasn't for pain ~Marvis Ayebor~

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