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They sat hidden in the shadows
and talked amongst themselves.
I doubt they would've noticed
if their servers had been elves.

We entered the tent
mostly out of boredom.
We had an hour to pass
before the Grandstand opened

Listen to her laughter
as she tells another one of her
hilarious anecdotes on life
(where she normally makes herself

Sitting there watching them
they had no idea
they were such an inspiration
so comfortable with eachother.

You say you wanted to talk
about our past.
You heard I've been dealing
with my own acceptance

Why is it that you stay here?
Do you wish that you were free?
I wonder...
if I offered you your freedom

How did I miss the messenger
when you sang so loud and clear?
How did I miss that message?
Did you try to make me hear?

The celebration ended
as we dragged ourselves to bed.
My heart is brimming over
with the words that he just said.

I printed all my poems out and put them in a book.
I've placed it on the table in the hopes you'll take a look.

You know you'll find my soul there beneath the cover page.

I like to take drives
late at night
and pass all those old houses
with the lights on

I was afraid of doctors.
They made me turn all red.
They made me itch and get a rash
I scratched until I bled.

To make your stay enjoyable
for you and all your friends
just keep in mind some simple rules
and warm up all your pens!

Why do we need to write?
Is it to know that we are read?
Or, is it for the need to purge
these voices in our head?

So many men won't do it.
They have to hide their head.
If they must go...please let God know
he'd like to be struck dead.

I tell you that I'm human.....
Does that mean I have to choose
one color or the other
or else you'll say I lose?

I've been told all the rumors.
I knew it could be true.
(You never really listen...
til this stuff happens to you!)

Two people in one room
yet each feel alone
in their own world.

They say that I am clueless about reality.
They say ''Nobody gives a care about morality''

They say ''People are evil and hurt you when they can''.

We shared our thoughts just briefly
but those moments meant so much.

Tonight I came to realize

The recruiter called today
for my oldest child.
I politely told him
''She's not interested.''

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Check out my website at You can also buy my book now at It's title is ''The Place I Search For'' by Mary Nagy. I've added lots more family pics with their corresponding poem. I hope you enjoy it! Sincerely, Mary)

The Best Poem Of Mary Nagy

~do You Remember When.........? ~

They sat hidden in the shadows
and talked amongst themselves.
I doubt they would've noticed
if their servers had been elves.

He was entangled in her beauty
and the things that she would say.
There were moments interrupted
but he never looked away.

The waiter took their orders
and he served them both their meals.
I couldn't help but envy them...
''I remember how that feels...''

To feel the world is spinning
just for the both of you.
Everything's exciting
and there's nothing you won't do.

If only we could bottle
all the passion of those years
to use when it is needed most
to help wash off the tears.

Sometimes it seems impossible
to feel as we did then.
Perhaps we can go back there.
Do you ''Remember when...''?

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gone gone 18 August 2006

A kind and loving sweet one, Mary I'm sure no one shall speak contrary Mary graces PH's site with words of caring, life and light illuminates the heart, she does because she's real..... applause, applause! ! Thankyou, Mary Love, D.

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hi Mary, thanks for reading my 'Mike and Michelle, Cycling' offering. I've just read another you've posted and thought you should be aware that 'rotton' should be spelled 'rotten' unless you've some secret meaning there. cheers andreas

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